WATCH: ‘White Fragility’ Author Robin DiAngelo Says Basically The Same Thing That Got Scott Adams Canceled

Written by K. Walker on March 21, 2023

Do you think DiAngelo will face the same consequences that Adams did?

In an online panel discussion earlier this month, the “White Fragility” author said that people of color need to get away from white people and create a community with each other. She calls these communities “affinity spaces” which used to be called something else in the old days. Do you wanna take a wild guess at what that could be?

If you guessed “segregation”, you’re right!

Isn’t it ironic that DiAngelo is making the argument that “people of color” need to get away from white people while sitting on a panel with a couple of black women? That would have been an “affinity group” that was just “people of color”… until she showed up. The most darkly hilarious part is that she probably doesn’t even see the absurdity of it all.

Here’s a little context about the webinar DiAngelo was participating in from the Foundation Against Intolerance & Racism’s Substack article:

On March 1st, Berrett-Koehler Publishers, an independent publisher that markets Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion literature to businesses, hosted a webinar entitled “Racial Justice: The Next Frontier.” The event featured DEI consultants Mareisha N. Reese and Mary-Frances Winters in conversation with Robin DiAngelo, the famous (or perhaps infamous) author of White Fragility…
…Perhaps DiAngelo’s most troubling suggestion was that “people of color need to get away from white people.” One concrete manifestation of this reasoning that was mentioned favorably by all three of the panelists is “racial affinity groups.” These groups have already achieved widespread implementation in both schools and businesses and are explicitly segregated by racial identity. Affinity groups also are often geared towards advancing DiAngelo-style racialist politics and social change. The panelists all expressed hope that affinity groups can be used to organize workers and students in racial solidarity.
Source: FAIR

I’m old enough to remember when the push for “inclusion” mean that people from all different racial groups were included and people were judged on the content of their character and not the color of their skin. A radical idea, I know. But now, we’re told that separating people into “affinity groups” based on their race is a good thing.

This idea has become so widespread that it’s actually creating a new “systemic racism” problem that the DEI peeps claim was the problem in the first place — but it’s okay since this system puts the “marginalized groups” at the top of the hierarchy and denounces what they call “whiteness” which includes the nuclear family, proper grammar, being on time, hard work, drinking milk, and objectivity. Truly, it’s one of the most racist concepts around and it’s being pushed by disgruntled mental midgets to make money.

Nat’l Museum Of African American History & Culture Says Signs Of ‘Whiteness’ Include Hard Work, Objectivity, And The Nuclear Family–Is That Racist?

The scary thing is that it seems to be working on some people. The pathology of an entire group of people based solely on the color of their skin is working. And no, it isn’t “reverse racism”, it’s racism. Period. (FYI: I adhere to the “old school” definition of racism that doesn’t include neo-Marxist ideology that insists on subjective, intersectional hierarchies to define it.)

Last month, Dilbert creator Scott Adams received a ton of backlash over similar comments he made on his YouTube livestream show… only in reverse. Adams was reacting to a shocking poll showing that a large percentage of black Americans — nearly half of those polled — don’t agree or aren’t sure if they agree with the phrase “It’s okay to be white.” Adams argued that white people should separate themselves from black people because if such a large percentage of them can’t agree with such an innocuous phrase, it’s indicative of a hate group.

Here is a clip of what he said. (LANGUAGE WARNING)

Isn’t Adams basically calling for what DiAngelo calls an “affinity group”? How is it a problem if it’s white people doing it but not a problem when “people of color” do it?

As a result of the comments, Dilbert cartoons were pulled from newspapers and his book publisher dropped him.

Gannett, the largest newspaper publisher in the US, has announced it will no longer run the workplace comic “effective immediately” over remarks Adams, 65, made on his online show “Real Coffee with Scott Adams.”…
…The Cleveland Plain Dealer also said it’s cutting ties with Adams following his “racist rant,” as well as the Washington Post. The news comes five months after Lee Enterprises cut the cartoon from its newspapers as it scaled back its funny pages.
Source: New York Post

The Penguin Random House imprint, Portfolio, said it won’t publish Adams’ upcoming book, “Reframe Your Brain.” The book was set to release in September…
…Portfolio published Adams’ previous titles, including “How to Fail at Almost Everything and Still Win Big” and “Loserthink: How Untrained Brains Are Ruining America.”
Source: CNN

So, will DiAngelo be denounced as a raging bigoted neo-Nazi white supremacist Jim Crow advocate the way that Scott Adams was for saying practically the same thing?

Probably not.

Adams, for his part, is a much more rational individual than DiAngelo, and certainly a lot less racist.

Like so many other woke nutters, the very white DiAngelo who has made a ton of cash by projecting her own racism on others has some pretty bizarre views.

The giant Leftist that probably thinks that an unborn baby is just “a clump of cells” and not a human being insists that the forces of whiteness were already working their bad juju on her from the womb.

How anyone can listen to this midwit for more than 5 seconds and not see the levels of stupid is beyond comprehension.

But then, as Chris Rufo points out in his tweet, the same people that fall for DiAngelo’s crapola are often devotees of racist grifter Ibram Henry Rogers, and we know that Hank’s idea of “anti-racism” would be better described as… racism. You know, if he needs a definition because he’s not quite able to define it.

Here’s some hope for those of you getting down from Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion cultists shoving DEI down our throats… they’re feeling frustrated because people aren’t buying the grift they’re selling.

The discussion revealed some good news for those of us concerned by the particular vision of so-called “racial justice” advocated by DiAngelo and her colleagues, in which all white people are racist by definition and all individuals are judged based on their immutable characteristics. All three of the panelists were noticeably less optimistic than they’ve appeared to be in the past about their ability to succeed in bringing their vision of society to fruition.
Each of the panelists expressed substantial frustration at the difficulties they’ve experienced in bringing our society the “systems change” they allege it needs. Mary-Frances Winters noted that she felt their ideas had finally become the basis for a real movement in the “racial reckoning” following the murder of George Floyd. But she lamented how her hopes during that time have not been realized.
Source: FAIR (Emhasis added)

Megyn Kelly covered this on a recent podcast episode:

Hang in there, guys! The normies are starting to smell the racist B.S. that these race essentialist grifters are shoveling at them.

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