BOOM: Rubio Gets SAVAGE In Calling Out Biden’s Colossal Leadership Failures (VIDEO)

Written by Wes Walker on April 13, 2023

Marco Rubio brings the receipts and does not hold back as he showed no mercy in calling Joe Biden’s domestic and foreign policy failures to account … by name.

It’s one thing to say, this guy sucks, FJB. It’s quite another to quote chapter and verse in what policies and decisions he has pushed that have hurt us domestically and on the international stage.

Biden gloated ‘America’s Back’ when he first took office… but he failed to mention what, exactly, he was planning on taking us back to.

Fear of WWIII?
Food insecurity?
1960s race riots?
Fall of Saigon 2.0?
Carter-era stagflation?
Nixon-era energy crisis?
Cold-War era threats of a nuclear winter?

Marco Rubio, as part of the Gang of Eight, will finally get to see if the files at the center of the Trump/Pence/Biden documents controversy were worth the chaos the DOJ used them to generate with the made-for-TV raid.

He is ALSO in the news right now because he’s calling for a criminal investigation of massive election fraud allegations involving Democrat fundraiser ActBlue.

I write to urge the Federal Election Commission (FEC) to investigate the purported presence of widespread fraudulent donations being reported to the commission by ActBlue, a Democratic campaign conglomerate.

Recently, alarming reports emerged of fraudulent donations being reported to the FEC by ActBlue. These reports indicate that numerous individuals, including senior citizens, have purportedly donated to ActBlue thousands of times a year. However, according to recent investigative reports, many of these individuals had no idea that their names and addresses were being used to give thousands of dollars in political donations, with most of these “donations” going to ActBlue. It should come as no surprise that ActBlue serves as vessel for fraud, considering the intentional lack of security engrained within their donation processes and systems. — Marco Rubio Press release Full Letter here

Rubio was a guest on Hannity’s show and was given time to say exactly what he thought of Biden’s time in office so far. The setup includes a rehash of how the deck is being shuffled on the world stage, geopolitical alliances are shifting, a new ‘Axis of Evil’ is rearing its head, and even our allies have started hedging their bets.

Hannity mentions the new Axis of Evil and asks a 2-part question. Am I wrong (about that new alliance emerging) and am I wrong in believing Joe Biden is incapable of dealing with it.

He set the stage, pulled the string, and set Rubio loose to answer however he wanted. Turns out, he has a lot of thoughts on this issue.

The entire clip runs about 12 minutes, if you want to save time and go straight to the spicy part, it comes in around the 3 minute mark.

If you are pressed for time and want something a little more manageable, here is a clip with the first 90 seconds or so of that answer, which includes a lot of the spicy takes.

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