Did You MISS Part 2 Of The Mega-Viral Vid Where Media Honchos Were Run Through A Buzzsaw? (VIDEO)

Written by Wes Walker on April 27, 2023

[Note: This article may contain commentary reflecting the author’s opinion.]

Millions have already seen ‘part one’ — but did you see what happened next?

Columbia Journalism School held an event called ‘Faultlines of Democracy’… so you can imagine the sort of biases the people there would have held.

The fact that this event even included a requirement for proof of vaccination status should serve as a clue for the kind of people we are dealing with here.

It’s amusing to realize that one of the two dates in this conference was held on the very same day where the President of the United States FINALLY held a presser … in which he held cue cards with the name of the journo and the question he would be asked, and he was wearing some kind of an earpiece while taking these questions.

The Columbia event had a Q&A session open to people in attendance and one guy did exactly what Andrew Brietbart encouraged us all to do way back when he was still around and stirring up trouble for the left.

He turned the ‘speak truth to power’ principle back on the self-interested ‘gatekeepers’ of society and asked the panel — which was comprised of bigwigs from print and television media outlets — hard questions about important stories they had been either ignoring or lying about. He had a friend film the entire exchange.

The part you may have already seen was the part in which Jose Vega (social media link here) asked these ‘defenders of democracy’ about their complete lack of interest in the Seymour Hersch expose on the American coordination of the destruction of the Nordstream pipeline.

He specifically called out the editors at the New York Times and WaPo for being complicit in 3-and-a-half minutes of withering questions.

Rather than answer any of them — despite Vega’s willingness to stand quietly and await an answer to the question he asked in exactly the context he was given to ask such questions, the self-described ‘defenders of democracy’ sicked security on him.

Here is the exchange so many have seen and reacted to:

For a taste of what he’s saying, here’s a quote from his spiel:

Will you at least say SOMETHING about Nordstream, or Ukraine, or the fact that Zelensky brought us to the verge of WWIII and the only reason we knew about that was leaks?

If someone supporting BLM issues or Trans issues were handled so roughly, every evening news show would be leading with this story. But they are not.

Now let’s see the part you probably HAVEN’T seen in the news clips or social media shares. The part where others picked up where Vega left off and held their feet to the fire.

How many news sources that cheer our involvement in the Ukraine war, who argue for endless funding of the fighting, who criticize calls for auditing what we’ve sent over there, and who cheered the arrest of the guy who leaked all those documents bothered to tell you the story about Zelensky wanting to bomb Moscow on the anniversary of the war?

Better still — how many are calling for some kind of a cease-fire or peace accord which can provide any chance of an off-ramp from the unending cycle of violence we’ve seen over the last 12 months.

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