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Heckler Goes OFF On Adam Schiff During Field Hearings Calls Him ‘Scumbag’

Does it bother Schiff more that he was interrupted in the middle of his anti-Trump showboating, or that it was a black man that was cussing him out as a scumbag?

If not for Donald Trump, most of us wouldn’t even know Adam Schiff’s name. But because he abused his gang of eight committee role and security clearance as part of a disinformation war to destroy POTUS45 from basically Day One, he’s made himself a household name.

He’s like a bad rash on the body politic that won’t ever quite go away. Russiagate. Mueller. Impeachment One. (Which included his own dubious connections to the ‘whistleblower’ and ‘Vindeman’, dirty tricks by embargoing testimony in the SCIF, and Impeachment Two. Jan 6. It would hardly surprise anyone if he’s (pencil-)neck deep in the current round of actions targeting Trump… or the growing smear campaign against Justice Thomas, for that matter.

Today, Jim Jordan’s committee went to New York on a field hearing that had something to do with Bragg’s use of federal funds — whether he’s neglecting urgent local law enforcement needs by diverting manpower to make good on his pledge to ‘Get Trump’.

Adam Schiff had his turn behind the microphone, but just as he was catching his stride in elevating Trump to the Personification Of All Evil™ status he conveniently holds in every one of Schiff’s anti-GOP rants, he was interrupted by the shouts of a heckler.

This is New York, a place so blue that a DA was elected on the unethical promise of taking down Trump. And yet, someone DARED to stand up and defile the glowing spotlight Adam Shiff was about to bathe in.

The man in the crowd was angry. You have to turn the sound WAY up to catch any of it, but it sounds like he’s blasting Schiff for making this hearing about Trump when the people in the audience (who he’s gesturing to) are suffering from violent crime.

The heckler is not pulling any punches. Some of what you CAN catch, amidst the cross-talk and the gavel-banging looks like this:

‘Your politicizing this entire event. You’re a scumbag.’

If there were any doubt, his anti-CCP shirt gives some indication of the heckler’s political leanings.

The only thing that might have made this more delicious — besides a microphone picking up his entire rant — is if he were wearing some of our Trump-themed merch.

The ‘Shut Up Marxist’ shirt (6 colors, 8 sizes) in the ClashDaily store would have been perfect for this occasion.

Wes Walker

Wes Walker is the author of "Blueprint For a Government that Doesn't Suck". He has been lighting up since its inception in July of 2012. Follow on twitter: @Republicanuck