Here’s An Old Video The TN Three Don’t Want You To See … PLUS A Narrative-Changer

Written by Wes Walker on April 14, 2023

Remember that showboating clown who stood up in the Tennesee Captiol with the bullhorn, whipping up the crowd and disrupting the work of the legislature in what would have been called an insurrection if it were led by anyone with an R after their name?

We saw all kinds of drama there. For anyone who has been completely away from the internet, or coming back to this story some time in the future, here is a snapshot of the key events.

Jones and another Black Democrat, Justin J. Pearson, were forced out of the Republican-controlled legislature last week, after a protest on the chamber floor spurred by the mass shooting last month at a Nashville Christian school that left six people dead. — CNN

(That CNN summary omitted the part that it was both planned and targeted by a non-binary woman who seems to have been under some kind of psychological care.)

Justin Jones has been the focus of attention because video has surfaced of him wearing a suit and speaking in a very polished, professional, and formal form of English, portraying himself as a bridge-building centrist while making a play for an elected position in his college… that video was a far cry from the Black Southern Baptist preacher affectation he put on while doing the things that got him thrown out of the State Capitol.

But he has been welcomed back as a representative in the State House and presumes to take the moral high ground in the lecturing he has already promised to throw our way because of the platform afforded him because of his new-found activist fame.

Imagine how that moral high ground might be undercut if there was proof of him behaving like a petty criminal beating up strangers just trying to go about their lives. You COULD imagine that, or you could watch him use this traffic cone as a weapon.

But that’s not the end of this story.

Here’s a video the Leftwing media does NOT want us to see… because it reframes this issue in the right perspective.

Let’s not forget the ACTUAL victims in this case are not a few aggrieved elected Democrats, but the families of the six people killed in cold blood by nonbinary Audrey Hale.

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