One Enormous Genocide For Which Activists Will NEVER ‘Raise Awareness’

Written by Wes Walker on April 29, 2023

In America, we see rallies and marches in rabid support of a cause that never even existed in the public consciousness just a few short years ago.

Much of the impetus for the Trans-inclusion legislation hinges on a phrase that’s been popularized by the activists ‘Trans Genocide’.

Activists, professors, TV talking heads and even the President would have us believe that violence crouches in every shadow, ready to envelop people who identify as ‘trans’.

Fortunately, the New York Post pulled up some statistics that showed us there is no reason for suh alarm.

Take the FBI crime statistics for the whole of 2020.
Across the US, there were a total of 266 hate crimes against transgender people.
In total, 44 members of the trans community were murdered.
As Dennis Kneale notes in the Washington Examiner, “this works out to a murder rate for trans people of just 2.66 people per 100,000 transgender people. The murder rate in the general population is almost three times as high — 6.52 people per 100,000.”
Last year, the number of trans people murdered dropped to just 32.
Every one of these deaths is of course a tragedy.
But they certainly do not amount to evidence of genocide.

The New York Post’s should put such people at ease if they are genuinely afraid rather than deliberately invoking false statistics to manipulate public opinion.

If these activists are genuine in their interest to make the world a better place for marginalized people in harm’s way, the world is a big place and there is no shortage of legitimate causes one could get behind.

If they really wanted to make a difference, they turn their attention to a group in Africa that has been the target of violence, they have been murdered by the thousands for having the wrong beliefs. They have had their farms destroyed by people trying to drive them of their ancestral land, and they have had family members — including women and children — kidnapped and held for ransom (or killed).

This was a cause so vital that even the Obamas drew attention to it when they were still in the White House. You may remember the FLOTUS standing with the sign ‘Bring back our girls’.

Since they were in office, the problem has gotten worse, rather than better, and the numbers are high enough that some argue it is time to invoke the word ‘genocide’.

The International Society for Civil Liberties and Rule of Law recently released a report estimating that, in 2022 alone, over 5,000 Nigerian Christians were killed and over 3,000 were kidnapped.

The report came as religious freedom advocates have said that the persecution of Christians in Nigeria should be considered genocide. The estimates in the report were drawn from a variety of sources, including government reports, NGO statistics, media outlets, and estimates from diplomats. The report went on to state that 1,000 Christians have been killed already in 2023.

Those carrying out these attacks and kidnappings are believed to be members of radical Islamic terror groups, including Fulani herdsmen groups, Boko Haram, and ISWAP (Islamic State West Africa Province). The report also holds the Nigerian military responsible for some of the killings. Nigerian Christians have long been calling lor the government to do more to stop the killings and have even accused political leaders of encouraging the violence. — International Christian Concern

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