The Trouble With Diversity And Equity

Written by Jeff Davidson on April 17, 2023

When my daughter was in high school, she sang in the school chorus, a group that included 80 students. After one town-wide performance, a woman wrote to both the school newsletter and the local newspaper complaining that the chorus was “not sufficiently diverse.”

With Diversity, Only Black Lives Matter

In a written reply, my daughter took exception to this view. She conveyed that students of Greek, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, and Malaysian ancestry, along with students of European ancestry including Italian, Hungarian, Austrian, French, and Spanish were among the chorus members.

Oh yeah, the chorus also had 12 African-Americans students and two Hispanic-American students, and a few students of mixed ancestry. Flash forward 16 years: diversity to the Left is now fully embraced as a euphemism for “black” and the term as used today has little relation to the original meaning of the word

If you’re white, the Left has decided that you are an impediment to diversity. The wokesters among us, a highly prejudiced lot, regard all whites as one amorphous mass of people, with no individuality, no distinct cultural backgrounds, and indelibly racist — especially prone to being anything but open to others. This supposition, of course, is balderdash, to put it politely.

Math for the Mindless

If you analyzed the race and ethnicity of the chorus — and, my God, only a Leftist would make you undertake this dreary exercise — 12 is 15% of 80. In a country where blacks represent 12% of the population, the school chorus is over-represented by black students.

With a 19% U.S. Hispanic population, 16 of the 80 chorus members ‘ought’ to be Hispanic, which is not the case. With a 7% U.S. Asian population, there ‘should’ be five or six Asian chorus members, which is the case. However, why go down this path?

Whites are under-represented on the school’s basketball team… shocking, simply shocking! Not many of them made the cut, whereas joining the chorus is a self-selection. If you want to sing, come on board. Blacks are under-represented in the chess club. Call the PC police! Joining the chess club, however, as with the chorus, is a self-selection.

Equity is The Grand Illusion

Equity is a topic of concern for Kamala Harris. She asserts that the mission of government is to ensure equity, which boils down to equality of outcomes. Citizens, non-citizens, heck, everybody should reap the same goodies as everyone else. It’s not enough for the government to offer education, job training, apprentice programs, counseling, equal employment opportunity, and unemployment compensation.

In reality, not everyone makes the same effort. Remember your school classmates who continually slacked off? In the workplace, some people constantly underperform and concurrently seek ever-more government benefits. Such people keep voting for Democrats who are skilled at dangling carrots in front of them.

Invariably, an elite class rises where a few people enjoy far more ‘equity’ than everyone else. Around the world, leaders who espouse equity, which is ‘equality of results,’ come to know that it cannot occur without great damage to their nations. Countries which mandate equality of results prompt their movers and shakers to pack up and leave.

Inclusion, Why Not?

Unlike diversity and equity, the case for inclusion has some merit. Including others outside of your immediate circle, apart from those with whom you naturally find favor, and beyond those with whom you normally associate, requires some stretching.

Since time began, and to this day, human beings tend to flock together, as did all forerunners of the human race. In terms of culture, ethnicity, and race benefits can accrue, however, by associating and including others outside you your normal circles, the least of which is developing a greater appreciation of other cultures.

Diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI), the Left’s latest preferred pronoun… oops… I mean acronym, as a governmental policy is a disaster ensuring unfairness in hiring, suspicion about those of have been newly favored, and pockets of incompetence in performance. And consider this: do government programs ever die? Or do they keep expanding, forever?

What about DEI as a corporate policy? That’s up to shareholders, board members, and management of individual companies who, unfortunately, are cajoled, coerced, and extorted by wokesters around the clock.

A Questionable Formula

Finally, if you rearrange the letters ‘DEI’ you get ‘DIE,’ and that’s what ought to happen to the entire notion of diversity, equity, and inclusion as some kind of exalted government formula for improving society.

Jeff Davidson
Jeff Davidson is "The Work-Life Balance Expert®" and the premier thought leader on work-life balance, integration, and harmony. Jeff speaks to organizations that seek to enhance their overall productivity by improving the effectiveness of their people.