Trans-Identifying Person ATTACKS Conservative Dad Opposing Medical Abuse Of Minors (VIDEO)

Written by K. Walker on April 3, 2023

Chris Elston, known as “Billboard Chris” online, travels all over North America pushing back on so-called gender-affirming care for children.

Elston wears a variety of billboards opposing the medical interventions used to “treat” gender dysphoria in minors. One of his billboards reads, “Children cannot consent to puberty blockers.”

On Friday, Elston was back in his home province of British Columbia, counter-protesting at a pro-trans rally in Vancouver, one of Canada’s largest cities.

Elston has traveled all over North America having conversations with people about so-called gender-affirming care for minors, countering the current narrative with facts and citing studies that show that giving children puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones is experimental treatment that has risks. For this, he is frequently the target of physical attacks despite his calm demeanor.

It was no different at this pro-trans rally.

On Friday night, Elston posted videos of the moments that he was being harassed and attacked by pro-trans activists during his counter-protest. He was left bloodied and bruised.

A transgender-identifying individual approached Elston and started yelling obscenities just inches from his ear and continued to push forward. Elston put his hand out to resist the encroachment into his personal space and the transgender individual grabbed him by the neck and shoved him.

The shocking thing was that dozens of police officers had allowed pro-trans activists to surround and harass Elston and did nothing until after he was attacked.

Popular conservative activist “Billboard Chris” appeared to be violently assaulted by aggressive transgender activists at a pro-trans rally in Vancouver, Canada yesterday.
Though police seemed to break up the assault after it began, the conservative activist stated that Vancouver PD “did nothing” to keep the militant trans rally goer from assaulting him beyond making sure he wasn’t injured more in the attack.
He also spoke to one of the officers monitoring the rally that day, who argued that both sides were at fault, pushing back on the conservative’s claim that he was peacefully protesting at the trans rally, Source: Fox News

Elston wasn’t the only one who was assaulted that day.

An officer at the scene didn’t seem too concerned about the assault and said that Elston had “incited violence” by being present to counter-protest. She also lied and said that he was screaming and getting into other people’s faces, which was clearly not true as hours of video can attest.

One internet sleuth noticed that the officer in the above video didn’t need to be shown any video of the assault because she was right there watching it happen in real time… and smiling as it happened.

Vancouver police have been shamed into investigating the incident because of the attention it’s getting on social media, but initially said that Elston had been involved in a “mutual fight.”

It’s pretty clear that the rule of law has been hijacked to push a particular agenda.

Meanwhile, Billboard Chris is doing God’s work out there just having conversations with people about the dangers of so-called gender-affirming care.

You may have seen Elston on Tucker Carlson Tonight.

He’s one man out there saying the hard things because he’s concerned about children and he’s getting attacked for it.

We need more men like Chris Elston.

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