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Trump Pleads ‘Not Guilty’ To 34 Charges In New York Court — And So It Begins…

The 45th President of the United States has now come before a judge, heard the charges against him, maintains his innocence, and announced his plan to defend himself against these allegations.

No video was permitted in the courtroom, but there are a few still photos of Trump seated with is legal counsel as the case was against him was unsealed and presented.

You know this occasion must REALLY have been ‘special’ and ‘historic’. CNN even broke out their special Orange Man Bad™ filter for the Trump photo, and yet somehow Trump STILL looked composed through the ordeal.

Maybe the special orange filter wasn’t the only clue — there’s also the gazillion times they all said the word ‘historic’.

They take no joy in the law dropping the hammer on Trump.

We know because they are all saying so. In the very same words.

It’s almost in unison.

Weird, eh?

As far as the news goes, the next hearing before the judge will be on December 4th in Manhattan.

There will be no gag order at this point, but the judge has called upon Trump not to use social media in such a way as it might be construed as inciting violence.

As we write this, Trump is on his way back from the courtroom.

His speech will be coming tonight.

It is sure to be electric.

Our ClashDaily store has something to say to the media:

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