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Tucker Told A Little TOO Much Truth In His Keynote Address At The Heritage Foundation Last Friday (VIDEO)

When Tucker signed off on Friday, he expected to be back on Monday. Was something he said in this speech about ‘good and evil’ too much for the delicate sensibilities of his corporate overlords?

For the fact-checkers, here are the disclaimers you are looking for: there is more speculation than fact at this point about the reason behind Tucker being iced out of his show.

There are all kinds of external pressures that might have played a part in the firing.

Reasons offered have ranged from the Dominion settlement and other lawsuits, to the left (activist, media, and elected alike) endlessly calling for Tucker’s head on a pike, to shareholders, to negative reactions of his contrarian reporting on J6 and Ukraine. Any of these or a hundred other possible explanations could account for why Fox News no longer has a Tucker Carlson show.

Senator Schumer used his elected office to demand that Tucker lose his job — in direct violation of First Amendment protections.

AOC did the same, just this past weekend.

And 60 Minutes called him out by name in their interview of the mysterious Ray Epps, of whom there is more video of him doing incendiary things in and prior to the mayhem on J6 than some retirees who never lifted a finger in violence.

Any of these may have played a factor in putting the thumbscrews to Murdoch. It might even have come down to personal/political differences between Tucker and Management.

But we can’t yet rule out the possibility that the viral speech Tucker gave after he filmed his last show on Friday had something to do with the reason he was told not to come to work on Monday.

It was a speech in which he took a flamethrower to the societal lies we tell ourselves we have to believe.

Here is a longer portion of his speech, so you get the spicy part in its context:

If you don’t have 26 minutes to spare, here is the shorter clip that has been getting so much attention. (But honestly, the longer version is worth your time.)

He’s humble enough in the estimation of his own theological pedigree that he doesn’t say much about the KIND of prayers we should draw from when praying for America.

But we’ve got a book recommendation with great examples from the Psalms of the kind of roll-up-your-sleeves, if-God-doesn’t-come-through-here-we-are-toast kind of prayers from which we could draw some inspiration in living out that challenge Tucker gave us to pray for the good of our nation.

Psalms of War: Prayers That Literally Kick Ass is a collection, from the book of Psalms, regarding how David rolled in prayer. I bet you haven’t heard these read, prayed, or sung in church against our formidable enemies — and therein lies the Church’s problem. We’re not using the spiritual weapons God gave us to waylay the powers of darkness. It might be time to dust them off and offer ‘em up if you’re truly concerned about the state of Christ’s Church and of our nation.

Also included in this book, Psalms of War, are reproductions of the author’s original art from his Biblical Badass Series of oil paintings.

This is a great gift for the prayer warriors. Real. Raw. Relevant.

Wes Walker

Wes Walker is the author of "Blueprint For a Government that Doesn't Suck". He has been lighting up since its inception in July of 2012. Follow on twitter: @Republicanuck