Winsome Sears Goes Full MAMA BEAR On Bill Maher’s Show … Over Trans Issues (VIDEO)

Written by Wes Walker on April 3, 2023

The psycho that murdered six innocent people was back in the news. While one guest was fascinated by the willingness to let THIS one be ‘dead-named’ and ‘mis-gendered’, Sears had something very different on her mind.

First — don’t expect anyone to give a flip about the feelings and sensitivities of someone who make a unilateral decision to end the lives of strangers — kids no less.

Second — Sears may be a politician, but what she has to say about kids in school she is saying as a mom… and she speaks for a LOT of us when she says she is NOT going to put up with any schmuck out there claiming a right to ‘co-parent’ her children.

Co-parenting might sound like it’s a bold new idea. But really, it’s not. Co-parenting is a phenomenon yours truly has been warning us against as far back in January of 2013 when Obama was being sworn in for his second term, when I asked: What If Schools Aren’t Failing? (Sure they’re failing to teach the three R’s. But that only counts as failure if the three Rs are what the schools are TRYING to teach the kids.)

[Note: it’s been even longer than that. See: August 2012, ‘Bilbo’s War’]

It’s time for a wake-up call.

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