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Big News On Meddling Over That IRS Investigation Into Hunter — And That’s Not ALL!

There are two plot twists in this Hunter Biden story — the first (shockingly) involves our coming to the defence of the IRS, the second involves Hunter hitting a whole new level of debauchery.

Let’s begin with the IRS.

At this point, there are now two different whistleblowers from the IRS alleging political retribution after they raised concerns about law enforcement handling the criminal investigation into Joe Biden’s wayward son with kid gloves.

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Here’s recent news about the IRS whistleblower story:

The new whistleblower is a special agent in the IRS’s international tax and financial crimes group and worked on the Hunter Biden case since it was opened in 2018 — until he was ousted without explanation last week.
The agent joins his supervisor, who plans to testify behind closed doors before the House Ways and Means Committee on Friday, in publicly registering concerns about how the Justice Department has handled the investigation.
Both IRS whistleblowers expressed concerns internally for years about the case being swept under the rug but got nowhere, and they lay out extensive claims of retaliation in new disclosures to Congress.
— NYPost

It gets worse:

An attorney for an unnamed IRS whistleblower is shedding light on key meetings that exposed divisions between prosecutors and investigators on how to proceed with a criminal investigation into President Joe Biden’s son Hunter Biden, according to a letter to a federal watchdog agency obtained by CNN.
In a letter to the US Office of Special Counsel, Tristan Leavitt – one of the whistleblower’s attorneys – described a series of meetings in October 2022 in which tensions flared between federal prosecutors and some investigators working on the Hunter Biden case.
[…] In the latest round of letters, the whistleblower claims he was passed over for a promotion and removed from the Hunter Biden case as retaliation for raising concerns about the probe. A second IRS agent, who is also unnamed, emailed the IRS Commissioner expressing concerns about his removal from the case. A copy of that email was included in a letter to the IRS Commissioner, from the original whistleblower’s attorneys, raising concerns about retaliation.

Plot Twist #1

As much as we all like to dunk on the IRS, in this instance, they are not the villain in the story. That distinction goes (as it so often does) to Joe Biden’s DOJ. (And yes, the FBI merch, is ALSO doing quite well at our store… for ‘some’ reason.)

What did Biden’s DOJ do THIS time? According to the IRS commissioner, Biden’s DOJ were the ones with authority to call the shots over ‘changes to work assignments’ in criminal probes:

Internal Revenue Service Commissioner Daniel Werfel denied intervening to retaliate against whistleblowers in connection with the Hunter Biden complaint, according to a letter he sent to the majority and minority on the House Ways and Means Committee.
[…] “I want to state unequivocally that I have not intervened – and will not intervene – in any way that would impact the status of any whistleblower,” Werfel said.
However, the letter states that the particular whistleblower referenced by Rep. Jason Smith, R-Mo., in their initial letter experienced a change in work assignment at the direction of the Department of Justice.
“The IRS whistleblower you reference alleges that the change in their work assignment came at the direction of the Department of Justice. As a general matter and not in reference to any specific case, I believe it is important to emphasize that in any matter involving federal judicial proceedings, the IRS follows the direction of the Justice Department,” Werfel wrote in the letter. –FoxNews

Ah. So the breadcrumbs lead back to Merrick Garland. Imagine my shock.

But we promised our readers there would be two plot twists.
We will keep that promise.

Here is plot twist #2…

Remember how there have been veiled references to Hunter Biden and international groups involved in sex trafficking?

Well, those references are no longer veiled. In other words, Hunter’s laptop really DOES matter:

Remember how Hunter tries to cry ‘poor’ when the mother of his unacknowledged daughter rocks up to court looking for child support?

He wasn’t so ‘poor’ that he couldn’t spend big money on prostitutes.

We’re not talking about just any run-of-the-mill pay-for-play hookers. The girls he paid to bang are connected, says Senator Johnson, to an international sex trafficking ring.

To put it bluntly: the Senator is claiming Hunter paid criminals tens of thousands of dollars for the opportunity to bang their unwilling sex slaves.

To make matters worse — Joe Biden’s own money could be co-mingled with the transactions.

With all the excitement that Washington Presstitutes showed over the long-since discredited pee-pee tapes hoax, surely they will be outraged that the First Son is paying 10,000 to knock boots with victims of human trafficking.

That story would be bad enough if we assume those alleged sex slaves were at least 18 years old. But we don’t actually know how old they are.

We do know that human traffickers aren’t especially scrupulous about such details… we don’t know anything about the age(s) of the girl(s) delivered to Hunter.

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