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Children’s Hospital Performing Transition Surgery On Kids As Young As 11 … Hospital Goes On Damage Control

Chris Rufo is again leading the charge in exposing what activists have been doing in the dark. This time, it’s what doctors have been doing to children.

He has an exclusive story in which a whistleblower brought documentary evidence showing that, despite claims in March of ’22 that they would discontinue such practices on minors. They pointed to exposure to civil and criminal liability as their reason for discontinuing the practice.

Here’s the problem. Despite that announcement, they didn’t actually discontinue it. The announcement was more of a head-fake.

Texas Children’s Hospital is now furiously scrubbing away all references to the Harvard-trained surgeon who has been shown to have performed surgery on children as young as eleven.

Interestingly, the Chief Pediatrician, Catherine Gordon abruptly resigned as well. (She likewise supported destroying the natural process of puberty in cases of gender-confused children.)

Here are a few things Rufo lists TCH as doing in time since they claimed to discontinue this practice:

  • Using implantable puberty blockers
  • promoting so-called ‘gender-affirming-care’ to its own physicians and others
  • encourage doctors to use puberty blockers on adolescents
  • Names Richard Roberts in performing transgender medical procedures on minors (patients he manages range in ages from 12-17)
  • Names Richard Roberts in patient visits for specific treatments, including HRT
  • Kristy Rialon (picture above) inserted and removed “non-biodegradable drug delivery implant[s]
  • Also Railon: Supprelin LA was given to patients ranging from 11-15 years old.

The question Rufo poses to these activists is the one we should pose to so many activists toiling away in the darkness hoping to remain unobserved.

If “gender-affirming care” is truly the gold standard in medicine, TCH should defend it openly, not perform it in secret. State legislators, currently considering a bill to ban such procedures, should launch an investigation into the hospital and require those involved to account for their practices—or face severe consequences. — CityJournal

The whistleblower who saw this and did something showed real courage.

It’s the kind of everyday courage ALL Americans can exercise… and make the world a better place in the process.

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