DEMS BIG MAD: Trump Pisses Off All The Right People After CNN Townhall (VIDEO)

Written by Wes Walker on May 11, 2023

How do you know that CNN stepped in it?

When Trump turns a Town Hall into a rally and all the usual Trump-haters are LIVID.

It’s a veritable whose who’s who of all the butt-hurt liberals and outed RINOs who have seethed at the very name of Trump going back to the time when he was President.

CNN sellout Adam Kinzinger was appalled that Trump and a forum on his beloved network where he could ‘spew lies’ for an hour.

Do you remember Talcum X? Turns out Shawn King is still alive. More or less. And — like so many libs — he’s not happy.

Sandy ‘AOC’ Cortez is pretty choked too.

CNN giving Trump a ‘friendly’ platform elicited a strong ‘disgust’ response from the Trump-haters:

He was not alone in that reaction:

Here’s Rolling Stone:

The hits keep coming:

Here’s the cherry on top:

Disgraced Lincoln Project cofounder Rick Wilson went near out of his gourd and had to blast CNN during a commercial break.

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