Email Reveals Bomb Threats At Target Stores Came From Enraged LGBTQ+ Activists

Written by K. Walker on May 29, 2023

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Initially, this was framed by local media as an example of “right-wing extremism”… it turns out it wasn’t.

On Friday, there were reports of bomb threats against multiple Target stores in Utah, Ohio, and Pennsylvania related to the LGBTQ+ merchandise rolled out for the secular holy season of “Pride”. Some stores in Utah were evacuated over the threat.

The assumption had been that these threats were part of the campaign against Target from the right.

A Utah Target has been evacuated and a bomb squad has been called in after multiple threats were made against stores across the state and five in Ohio after the company’s annual Pride collection sparked fury.
A Layton Target – located at 810 West 2000 North – was evacuated after receiving multiple bomb threats. A bomb squad and a K9 unit were deployed to the store around 1pm, according to KUTV.
All staff and customers were directed to the parking lot.
Police said stores in Layton, Salt Lake, Taylorsville and Provo were threatened. Authorities became aware of the threats after local news stations received emails threatening danger and referencing the company’s new controversial Pride collection.
Five Targets in across Northeast Ohio and Pennsylvania were also threatened, according to Cleveland 19, who received a threatening email listing stores in Stow, North Canton, Boardman, Niles, Ohio and Monaca, Pennsylvania.
Source: Daily Mail

Conservatives have been angered by the “Pride” products geared toward children that push radical gender ideology in books and on clothing, as well as with a variety of other products.

Of particular outrage was the “tuckable” women’s bathing suit with a convenient pocket for a lady penis, though less attention has been given to the equally offensive “binding” bathing suit that can damage female breast tissue.

Several disgusted moms shared videos of the products in the stores often asking how they were appropriate for children.

Many Christians became even more upset when they learned that Target chose to partner with a transgender-identifying woman whose other designs include Satanic and violent messaging.

Target Partners With Designer That Makes Satanic Art For ‘PRIDE’ Collection — No, This Is Not Satire

Now, it has been revealed that the threats in Ohio actually came from the Rainbow Mafia who are upset that Target “caved” to conservatives by removing items by the satanic designer and moving displays in some stores.

“Target is full of [censored] cowards who turned their back on the LGBT community and decided to cater to the homophobic right wing redneck bigots,” the email states.

“We won’t stand idly by as the far right continues to hunt us down. We are sending you a message, we placed a bomb in the following Targets,” continues the message. It then lists four locations in Ohio and one in Pennsylvania.

“We will continue to bomb your targets until you stop cowering and bring back your LGBT merchandise. We will not be erased, we won’t go quietly,” the email concludes.

The same sort of thing happened in the wake of the Bud Light backlash — pro-trans LGBTQ+ activists were angry that Anheuser-Busch didn’t sufficiently defend sending the promo can to womanface aficionado Dylan Mulvaney and some gay bars are refusing to stock Bud Light as a result.

A pending Community Note on the tweet links to two articles — both from CBS affiliates in different states — that expose these bomb threats as the hoax that they were.

The first, from KUTV in Utah, carefully dances around what the email actually says. The report vaguely says that “Target’s Pride merchandise displays were referenced” and that the email was just three sentences long, but doesn’t indicate whether it was carrying the products or removing them that triggered the threat.

Sgt. John Ottesen with Layton Police said bomb threats were made to Target stores in Layton, Salt Lake, Taylorsville and Provo.
Officers began the investigation after two local new stations received emails alerting them about the threats.
They said Target’s Pride merchandise displays were referenced in the emails.
The threat was three sentences long and came from a “bogus email address,” according to Sgt. Ottesen.
Source: KUTV 2

While KUTV was deliberately framing this as a result of intolerance to the ever-expanding LGBTQ+, it’s a bit odd that it doesn’t explicitly state why the email was sent.

Perhaps the cagey language is why it took two journos to write a simple “bomb threat hoax” article.

In stark contrast, Patrick Damp of Pittsburgh’s CBS affiliate, KDKA News, was concise and direct in his report stating the reason that the threat was made was because of the store’s decision to pull some of the Pride merchandise.

The man sent an email to a news station in Cleveland saying he put bombs in five Target locations, including one in Monaca, due to the retailer’s decision to pull Pride Month merchandise after some employees were threatened and displays were knocked over.
Source: KDKA News

Do you think that maybe it’s a bad thing that so many newsrooms are filled with lefty journos? It’d be nice to have a little balance in reporting instead of the automatic assumption that all right-wingers are evil a-holes that just want to watch the world burn.

Can we all just agree that it’s never okay to threaten or harass Target employees for the decisions made by the higher-ups caving to the Human Rights Campaign pressuring them to gay all the things? The average employee has nothing to do with that. They’re just there to make a paycheck.

Knocking over the Rainbow stuff might be satisfying in the moment, but rampant destruction is a tactic of the Left.

Here’s a reminder of what the Left did at Target stores after Saint George Floyd gave up his life for the social justice cause.

What Conservatives need to do is make the shallow, performative Rainbow virtue-signalling by corporations every June toxic.

Here is Daily Wire’s Michael Knowles (courtesy of a tweet by what one of what he calls his Media Matters “publicists”) saying just that:

Drennen can rage about what Knowles is saying, but the fact is this: more and more extreme LGBTQ+ stuff is being shoved at us and our kids 24/7/365 and it’s gone far beyond simple “tolerance” to a demand that we all participate in celebrating it. With the TQ+ stuff, it also requires us ditching biological reality, reason, and the safety of women and children to accommodate the feelings of gender-confused individuals.

Meanwhile, in the media and with law enforcement, it seems that the Leftist activists are treated with kid gloves, but a couple of weeks of social media pushback and boycott against Target by Conservatives is somehow a call to genocide or something. Typical.

An actual targeted attack against Christians by a trans-identifying woman is being swept under the rug. We can’t know the details about her reasons behind that killing spree. After all, it might reflect badly on the often aggressive pro-trans activists. You know, the kind that will threaten to bomb a store for moving items to another area of the store.

Keep up the boycotts — they’re clearly working.

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