GOP RACE: Trump And DeSantis Political Teams Are Already Trading Punches

Written by Wes Walker on May 26, 2023

The skirmishing is over. Now comes the fight we’ve all been waiting to see.

Let’s begin with a taste of what the Defending champion is doing:

Just to keep things fair, we’ll be including our store link for merch supporting BOTH candidates.

Here’s The Trump/MAGA merch:

Right from the get-go, when DeSantis’s Twitter Spaces launch didn’t go as smoothly as he’d hoped, Trump fired off some snipes from his Truth Social account invoking the memory of his Little Rocket Man tweets.

Out came Trump with the meme mocking his failure:

The pinned tweet of Trump’s War Room paints him as the accomplished original that others try to mimic.

He’s citing examples to drive home his argument.

And he’s taking aim at the COVID record…

And Ron’s ‘Free State of Florida’ messaging.

And amplifying negative news stories that make Ron out to be a swamp critter…

Meanwhile, The Governor of the Free State of Florisa is taking some shots of his own:

We’re not playing favorites, we’ll pick six just to keep it even.

As promised, here is the DeSantis merch link:

Since Trump mocked the launch with a meme, let’s see what Team DeSantis had to say about the launch Trump made fun of:

(As a point of reference, on the day of the indictment, headlines were touting Trump’s $4 Million single-day fundraising haul.)

Here’s the pinned tweet of the DeSantis war room, where he’s touting Florida’s COVID record.

In the DeSantis telling of DJT’s time in office, Trump did well for three years until he turned the country over to Fauci.

Ron’s thoughts on draining the swamp in the FBI:

Can you say ‘shots fired’?

We need to pick two more. Hmmm…
Decisions, decisions.

This one is just funny. Who doesn’t enjoy seeing someone dunk on supposed ‘Conservative’ David French?

Let’s close with this one.

Where Trump has been calling DeSantis (who fired a Soros prosecutor) a globalist squish, DeSantis has been answering by saying Trump is not the same right-wing firebreather he was back in 2016.

It’s no surprise that Trump is attacking him. That’s to be expeced. But Ron says what IS surprising is that Trump has been ‘attacking me from the left’.

Who’s right?

Is Ron just a pale echo of POTUS 45?
Or is Trump a diminished version of the man who led the MAGA movement in 2016?

It’s a big decision.
The future of the nation will depend upon it.
This is why we have primaries, folks.

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