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HEY BIDEN: Chinese Diplomats Caught Abusing Canadians — Is It Happening HERE? (VIDEO)

Canada is in the middle of a scandal. The ChiComs have infiltrated Canadian politics in more than one party.

But it gets worse.

One elected official — a conservative — has been targeted by the Chinese Communist party in retaliation to calling out their atrocities in their slave labour camps.

Conservative MP Michael Chong – whose family was being targeted by China – announced in the House of Commons Thursday that Jody Thomas, Mr. Trudeau’s national-security adviser, informed him of this in a telephone call.
This revelation sheds more light on the intelligence failure surrounding Mr. Chong’s case. He didn’t learn of this threat to him and his family until The Globe and Mail reported it Monday, citing a top-secret CSIS memo, dated July 20, 2021, and a national-security source.
Mr. Chong told the House of Commons Thursday that Ms. Thomas informed him the 2021 CSIS report went to various points in government, including to the national-security adviser at the time.
As The Globe and Mail reported, Mr. Chong and his family were targeted by the Chinese government after he spearheaded a parliamentary motion that condemned Beijing’s treatment of Uyghurs as genocide and Zhao Wei, a Chinese diplomat in Canada, was working on this matter.
— GlobeAndMail

It was only two years AFTER the Liberal government knew of the ChiComs’ threat to a conservative elected offical and his family that he even became aware of the threat. And then, only because it was reported in the news.

It is a very interesting coincidence that Trudeau is almost gleefully servile to the wishes of China’s leader, and Trudeau is leader of the Liberals. Another coincidence is that the Conservatives are the only meaningful political rival to his power.

Here is a minsister of the Canadian government (Minister of Foreign Affairs) explaining to Mr. Chong why the hell the Diplomat who abused his Diplomatic status to target himself and his family has not been thrown out of the country on his ear.

Article Nine of The Vienna Convention gives any country the right to throw any diplomat out of the country for any reason — or none at all.

We’ve already seen examples in the US of the ChiComs trying similar tricks against people on American soil who have run afoul of Xi and his minions.

The question is, do we have anyone in authority who is ready and willing to take this threat seriously?

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