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MSNBC Talking Head Invokes Jesus, Dead Children, To Whip Up Anti-GOP Outrage (VIDEO)

[NOTE: This article contains commentary that may reflect the opinion of the author.]

MSNBC doesn’t even pretend to be an objective news source anymore. We just saw one of their guests calling for the ‘wiping out’ of the GOP. They have become the defacto AV department of the DNC.

It is an interesting case study to watch how they frame issues to advance an agenda.

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The left is no great friend of traditional religious expression. From the pro-abortion activists smashing Catholic churches to the disdain in any reference to an Evangelical to the rise of the left’s new openly-bigoted slur: ‘white Christian Nationalist’, the left seldom misses a chance to dunk on traditional expressions of the Christian faith.

But watch how these same talking heads suddenly ‘find religion’ as soon as it becomes a useful vehicle for pushing their message.

Here is Claire McCaskill sitting on a panel of MSNBC, presuming to speak for Jesus because she believes His Name can be recruited in service of HER agenda.

First off, nothing ‘shocks’ Jesus. She needs to go back to catechism for some remedial lessons. Omniscience is part of that whole package of being the Son of God.

Second, so far as McCaskill’s objection to ‘weapons of war’ goes, let’s not pretend as if He never told his disciples ‘whoever does not have a sword must sell his coat and buy one’. (Luke 22:36)

Was Jesus a man of Peace? Sure — in some sense of the word. But the peace he brings draws sharp lines of ‘us and them’, bright lines that other people find really upsetting. That’s why He said I come not to bring peace, but a sword. (Matt 10:34-36) And He didn’t mind braiding a whip to chase crooks out of the Temple when the occasion called for it.

Watch how she pivots from personal experience (grandkids) to religious sentimentality to emotional appeals, to claims of religious authority to cherry-picked evidence claiming the Texas shooter that cheered the ‘victory for feminism’ of the anti-Christian trans mass-murderer in Nashville is the face of the Right — who she then connected to Proud Boys, J6 Trump, and Republicans.

And we’re supposed to treat her as anything less than a manipulative crackpot? The party of Secularism calling the GOP ‘anti-Christian’ is a weird flex, but ok.

Jesus would be ‘shocked at what our country is allowing to happen,’ would HE?

Be more specific:
Is that a reference to abortion? To the sexualization of children? To how we defile the image of God by rejecting our God-given selves and carving up our bodies to remake them in the image of another? Libertineism? Lawlessness? Fatherlessness? Rampant homelessness?

She’s invoking Jesus in service of her party’s Current Thing talking point on gun control… as if the gun control issue wouldn’t take care of itself if we all valued life the way we did before so much of our culture embraced the left’s godless nihilism.

And she’s a clown for doing so. The real Jesus isn’t quite so dainty as she seems to think. See for yourself:

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