On The Lam: The REST Of The Story About The Missing Mass-Murderer In Texas

Written by Wes Walker on May 1, 2023

[NOTE: This article may contain commentary reflecting the author’s opinions.]

UPDATE: we now know he was deported Five times.

Five people have been murdered in cold blood. The man responsible is on the run, and depending on your news sources, you are getting very different stories about what ‘really’ happened.

The ‘legacy’ press has a set of filters they run such stories through, and if it checks any of their preferred bias boxes, that will become the ‘angle’ in which the framing of the story will take place.

In this instance, there were a couple of boxes ‘ticked’. You can see how the story builds.

Man with a gun. The gun is an AR-15. That man with a gun was in Texas. That man with a gun in Texas killed innocent neighbors. That man with a gun in Texas killed innocent women and children. The innocent women and children that man with a gun in Texas killed were immigrants.

He was called a ‘Texas man’ which fits neatly within the stereotype of irresponsible gun-toting hair-trigger Red-staters that defines media prejudices.

But is it true?

No. He was a repeatedly-deported Mexican national who happened to be living in Texas, which means, federal laws prohibiting gun ownership by undocumented foreign nationals apply to him as well.

He was neither a Texan, nor one of the Red-state law-abiding gun owners they so desperately want to paint as part of the problem.

By now you’ve likely heard of the story of a family asking their neighbor to stop firing his gun in his yard because the baby was sleeping, only to have him come over and shoot five of them (including an 8yo) dead. The victims were recent immigrants from Honduras.

Authorities are continuing the search for the suspect connected to an “execution-style” shooting that killed five family members in Texas, including an 8-year-old boy.
The carnage began Friday night after neighbors asked the suspect, Francisco Oropesa, 38, to stop shooting his gun in the yard of his home in Cleveland, Texas, about 50 miles north of Houston, investigators said.
Oropesa is still on the loose and likely armed with an AR-15-style rifle. He is a “threat to the community,” FBI Houston field office agent James Smith told reporters during a press briefing on Saturday.
The FBI has “zero leads” on where Oropesa could be, Smith said Sunday while announcing an $80,000 reward for information leading to his capture.
“We do not know where he is,” Smith told reporters during a press briefing. “We don’t have any tips right now to where he may be.”
Texas Gov. Greg Abbott announced a $50,000 reward later Sunday. “I continue working with state & local officials to ensure all available resources are deployed to respond,” he tweeted.

Let’s see how another outlet handled the same story.

The Mexican national wanted in the execution-style shooting of five of his neighbors in Texas remained at large more than 24 hours later Sunday morning and “could be anywhere” by now. — FoxNews

What do we know about this supposed Texas man’s staus in the country?

One wonders if they would still be alive today if Trump’s wall had been completed.

Even if the wall were not completed, one wonders whether the left’s refusal to pass ‘Kate’s Law’ would have saved any of those lives.

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