OOPS: AOC Taunted Ted Cruz Over Race And Politics… Ted Took Her To School!

Written by Wes Walker on May 24, 2023

Little Sandy Cortez got cocky and tried to pick a fight. Not only did SHE get torched, so did her whole damn party … it was a thing of beauty.

The whole dust-up started in response to a story about the NAACP issuing a ridiculous Florida travel advisory, claiming the policies DeSantis had signed into law constituted an ‘all-out attack’ on Black Americans and other minorities.

That’s when AOC tried to score some bonus clout with her followers by hitting a high-profile Republican with a particularly low-effort fly-by smear.

Imagine her surprise when Cruz actually took her up on her offer and took the ‘1619 Project’ worldview she and her followers have been drinking the Kool-Aid over to school.

(This seems like a good time to mention we have a ClashDaily store exclusive merchandise line (shirts, totes, bumper stickers) telling a big truth in simple terms: “1776 > 1619” There’s even a coffee table book!

Elon Musk weighed in — meaning this thread got a LOT of views…

Sen. Cruz took the time to write an entire thread in response.

Under normal circumstances, Occasional Cortex cannot bear to let someone else have the last word on any subject.

But if she tried to ‘clap back’ here, all of her followers would see Ted Cruz telling the unvarnished truth about her racist party. So she carried on like the conversation never happened.

Of course, if somebody ever wanted to TROLL her, I suppose they could always link this thread under one of her many expected future race-baiting tweets.

That might be a fun way to throw the cat among the pigeons.

But to be sure, none of our readers would ever think of such a wonton act of trolling… right? Of course not.

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