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SLAVE LABOR: House CCP Committee Calls Out Woke Companies BY NAME Over Slave Labor

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Only a generation ago, America recoiled from horror over stories that some of the clothing sold by American companies was assembled using child labor. Negative PR campaigns using pejorative terms like ‘sweatshops’ were used to shame such companies into dropping the practice.

Today, companies will refuse to do business with people, groups, or even entire states that don’t play along with whatever the current leftwing movement might insist we need to join them in marching lockstep to support while turning a blind eye to injustices suffered by people making their own products on the cheap.

Nike spiked their entire Betsy Ross shoe line because it was too patriotic, which offended leftist agitators like their spokesman Kaepernick. How dare Nike put the work of the Founding Fathers in a positive light, rather than demonizing them as evil white slavemasters.

In other words, these woke corporations, used slave labor while helping push the dishonest “1619 Project”, America-is-an-evil-slave-state narrative. (Incidentally, that 1619 Project inspired the ClashDaily exclusive “1776 > 1619” merch seen in the banner below, for anyone who wants to give a big middle finger to that lie.)

It’s hard to believe the cojones Nike and Kaepernick must have for denouncing America as a nation built on slavery, while making untold millions for selling products that were made by actual slaves.

The bipartisan Select Committee on the CCP has turned its attention to the slave labor in China problem.

They put out a short video that humanizes the victims of the forced labor, beatings, and sterilizations of people who are providing the ‘sweatshop’ work on which companies like Nike and Adidas have built their empires:

Companies like Apple and Coke paid big money to lobbyists in an effort to water down the bill targeting products made by forced labor.

They are launching an investigation into Nike and an investigation into Adidas for business practices that potentially aid and abet genocide.

But it’s not just about those companies or the other woke Corporates being called out, either.

They are looking into all kinds of suspicious too-good-to-be-true products originating in China.

Here are a couple of other tweets they put out on the topic. Woke companies care more about their ESG scores than they do the real suffering of people making the products they profit from.

It’s kinda hard for corporations to take the moral high ground when you highlight slavery as the singular great evil of our country’s past — while using a business model that could not exist in its current form without using that very same slave labor.

Chinese companies SHEIN and TEMU are likewise under investigation on suspicion of using slave labor:

Let’s bring back the practice of shaming companies that abuse their own workers for profit. It ought be a winning issue that left and right could actually agree on.

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