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This Budweiser Parody Ad Is Comedy GOLD! (VIDEO)

NOTE: This article may include commentary reflecting the author’s position.

It looks like the mockery of Bud Light isn’t stopping anytime soon.

Bud Light took a lot of heat after controversial TikTok influencer Dylan Mulvaney posted a couple of videos showing the brand’s support of his “Days of Girlhood” videos where he parades around as an unflattering caricature of a woman.

The weird pairing of Bud Light, a beer that is mostly associated with college kids and sports fans, and this Womanface aficionado who creepily prances around talking about tampons and that society just needs to “embrace the bulge” since he is a guy and doesn’t have a “Barbie Pocket” is just bizarre.

It was offensive to the Bud Light customer base and to women who find this blatant mockery absolutely distasteful.

Bud lost a ton of money after that little stunt and instead of an apology, quickly put out an ad hoping to appease their customer base.

Here it is:

It didn’t work.

The brand has taken a big hit and they’re desperate to get back into the good graces of their fan base, but it might be too late.

YouTuber MrReagan shared a parody of that Bud Light commercial with his nearly 350K followers, and it’s pretty amazing.

Some conservatives have been making apologies for Bud insisting that Anhesuer-Busch is actually less woke than some of the alternatives and donates heavily to the GOP.

That’s precisely why the backlash is working — conservatives make up a big part of the customer base.

Let’s hope that this boycott continues to hold because it’s getting the message across that people are getting tired of the trans stuff getting shoved at them from every direction.

We need things that we can all enjoy that are deliberately not taking sides in the culture war.

As for Mulvaney, he has made the Womanface gig into quite a lucrative business. He’s secured partnerships with a number of brands, including some big names — Aritzia, Haus Labs, K18 Hair, KIND Snacks, Rent the Runway, Ole Henriksen, Crest, Instacart, Kate Spade, KitchenAid, CeraVe, Nike, and more.

It’s particularly offensive when he becomes the face of brands that are uniquely marketed for women — Tampax, UltaBeauty, Oil of Olay, and most recently, Maybelline.

They’re going to need to change their slogan, “Maybe she’s born with it, maybe it’s Maybelline” because it does not apply here since that’s a dude. It’s all Maybelline.

Mulvaney is a former Broadway performer who was desperate for attention. He didn’t get it when he came out as a flamboyantly gay man, nor did he get it when he was dressed as a woman and announced he was now “non-binary”, but he finally got it after coming out as a “transwoman.”

This person is so utterly offensive to so many women, that even those that were willing to live and let live are getting ticked. Former Fox News host Megyn Kelly has been railing against Mulvaney on her podcast.

Recently, she and Allie Beth Stuckey dug into Mulvaney’s background and exposed him as the narcissist attention-seeker.

Mulvaney finally he got the attention that he wanted — but he’s not so happy with the way it’s playing out. Just a few days ago, he said that it should be “illegal” for conservative media to call him a man and use male pronouns.

Sorry, Dylan. The truth doesn’t care about your feelings and men cannot magically become women no matter how much you prance around in a dress and talk about tampons.

There are some great people throughout history that didn’t sugar-coat the hard truths simply to spare people’s feelings.

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