Tucker’s Trolling Of A Journo Over 2024 Plans Are Pure Perfection … Including The Surprise Ending!

Written by Wes Walker on May 12, 2023

Even people who never watch Tucker know about his famous laugh. He laughs at the absurdity, at others, and even himself. This time, he’s having a laugh at the expense of a journo asking serious questions about 2024…

With the world wondering about his future now that Fox News pulled the plug on his show, right in the middle of Presidential primaries, it was only natural that SOMEBODY was going to ask the question — are you taking a shot at the White House?

After all, even WE have had some fun with the idea in the ClashDaily exclusive line of Tucker Carlson merch in our store:

To most of us who have watched his show enough to get a sense of his disgust for the kind of compromise needed for political sausage-making, this might seem like an unserious question. But Insider journalist Mattathias Schwartz asked anyway… and Tucker had some fun with it.

The journalist didn’t get the joke — not right away, at least. To his credit, he didn’t rush to print his ‘scoop’ based on one offhanded statement. He went looking for confirmation that it was real.

Honestly, that’s refreshing compared to many other people out there.

The screenshot of their text conversation speaks for itself.

The fact that he let Mattathias in on the joke before he embarrased himself professionally — AND had a laugh at himself in the process highlights the difference between what it looks like to be a playful prankster and malicious political DC hack.

The irony of the Insider journo asking this question is that he didn’t get THE scoop — but he still got A scoop, one big enough that we are talking about his reporting on the issue.

In a world where attention is the commodity being monetized by the digital world, that’s still a win for Mr. Schwartz. Sometimes, you just have to take your shot and see what happens.

It’s funny that he asked that question because our crack team of designers (Ok, it was my co-editor) had some fun with graphics software and whipped up some 2024 Tucker merch of our own.

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