WATCH: Canadian Conservative’s Rebuke Of Totalitarian Trudeau Is ALSO True Of Utopian Joe Biden

Written by Wes Walker on May 15, 2023

Don’t let any minor details of their Canadiana distract you from this epic takedown on how leftists and globalists (like Trudeau) REALLY operate.

He’s making a bigger point about the need for despots to erase history before erecting something else in its place are well worth the tour through some Canadian lore. Whether he knows i or not, Trudeau’s approach could have been lifted straight out of Orwell.

Pierre Poilievre, the only leader with any real chance of challenging Trudeau in the next election, has made a video about Trudeau’s changes to the Canadian passport.

Who cares, right? Well, you might care when you see what he has to say about it. This isn’t just a spat between Canadian politicians… he’s saying something about the big picture play of how leftists corrupt a society and *ahem* ‘funadmentally transform’ it into some entirely new kind of a structure.

It’s exactly the kind of corrupting propaganda that prompted us to make merch to direct a one-digit salute to the Marxists trying to take our history from us in our ClashDaily exclusive ‘1776 > 1619’ line.

As you watch this, think about the revisionist history games the leftists keep playing.

Canada’s example may be Trudeau wiping away Canadian heroes and symbols… but we’ve been seeing the same totalitarians pushing the same Maoist strategy here.

They wipe away shared history so the next generation has no baseline against which to measure ourselves.

It’s that kind of environment that frees up revisionists to stand still while telling their captive audience how successful they have been in advancing toward a vanishing horizon.

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