WATCH: Megyn Kelly Says It’s Time To SHAME The Gun Control Zealots

Written by K. Walker on May 9, 2023

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Megyn Kelly has some pretty harsh words for the gun control zealots … and they’re not going to like it one bit.

Megyn Kelly unleashed from the restraints of network television and cable news is a sight to behold. She is saying what she thinks and doesn’t give a rip what others say about it. She’s been pretty vocal with her opposition to the push to indoctrinate kids about radical gender ideology and the inevitable conflict between transgender-identifying individuals and women’s right to have their own spaces and sports competitions.

On Monday’s Megyn Kelly Show, she got pretty firey about the left’s obsession with gun control in the wake of the latest mass shooting.

The former Fox News host opened Monday’s show by reporting what is known about the horrific mass shooting at a mall in Allen, Texas. Kelly stressed that it was a gun-free zone and that the massacre would have been much worse if a hero cop hadn’t been at the mall to take down the shooter.

Kelly’s opening monologue really resonates — just like every American, she’s tired of hearing news of mass shootings.

“I don’t know about you but I’m sick, sick, sick of opening up Twitter or watching the news to learn there’s been a yet another mass shooting in America,” said Kelly. “Sick of it.”

She then blasted the knee-jerk response by the gun grabbers to every mass shooting. She said that the singular focus on gun control is shutting down any discussion on other solutions.

“We have been over and over and over this. I have hosted countless debates. I have been as open-minded as anyone in this country to a possible change in laws that might diminish the chances of more of these happening,” she continued. “I am not some huge Second Amendment person and I am not blind to possible change on either side, but nothing has worked to stop these shootings and nothing proposed by these gun control advocates will work.”

“I’m sorry but the jury is in. We are not getting guns out of America and there are changes we always default to debating in the wake of these things will not stop mass shootings. It’s time to focus on other remedies,” she said. She emphasized, “It is time to focus on other remedies.”

“Stop hijacking the debate gun control advocates — zealots,” she yelled. “It’s like getting alligators out of the Everglades or tarantulas that are in Mexico or sharks out of the ocean it’s not going to happen. There are too many — too many we’re too late to reverse this trend.”

Kelly then goes into the stats to back up her claim. There are 434 million guns in America — more guns than people — and trying to ban them simply won’t work.

She adds that even if they banned the favored target of the gun grabbers, the AR-15, that would only remove 20 million firearms from circulation and would leave the vast majority of semi-automatic weapons — handguns — legal to obtain. Kelly then explains that handguns have been used in several mass shootings including Virginia Tech, Sandy Hook, and the Vegas Massacre.

“The point is, ban the AR-15 tomorrow go ahead and do it and even if the high court were to uphold the ban there’d still be 300 million pistols just like the AR-15 in America — the guns already favored in the vast majority of mass shootings,” says Kelly. “We’re not getting rid of these guns.”

“Why are we deluding ourselves? Why? I think it’s because people get desperate they get so upset by the mass shootings as do I — trust me, I have three young children, and they just look for something to blame. You know, maybe I am guilty of doing it too when it comes to mental health services. Maybe I’m deluding myself that those could actually help stop but at least there’s a shot in that lane,” she said.

Kelly then drops a few more hard truths, including that the 1994 “assault weapons ban” that the White House is now saying was a success was actually a failure.

“In the gun lane, there’s no shot. We’ve been doing this. We had an assault weapons ban which was in place from 1994 through 2004. It failed. The DOJ’s own study of the ban concluded it did not reduce gun violence. Okay? That’s the government study,” said Kelly. “Two other studies done more recently in 2020 concluded the same. Gun violence committed with the banned weapons under the assault weapons ban went down, but quoting from the DOJ study here, ‘the decline was offset by steady or rising use of other guns.’ Duh.”

She then said that it’s a “free and vast country” and, unfortunately, some people will want to kill. She says that “murderers will find a way.” She specifically mentions the pressure cooker bomb used by the Tsarnaev brothers in the Boston Marathon terror attack and vehicles that have been used to kill like in the Christmas Parade tragedy in Waukesha.

She’s right on this. Look at the number of knife attacks in the United Kingdom where guns aren’t as prolific.

Her suggestion is to address the mental health crisis that America is quite obviously currently in.


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“I’ve said it before and I will say it again what we need more than anything is better mental health services in America. It won’t solve it but it actually would help. Better facilities for the mentally unwell and insane,” she proposes. “A new kind of institution that is as secure as a prison but that could provide humane conditions for those deemed to be a threat and we could establish a reasonable review panel to protect said person’s civil liberties with appropriate reviews.”

Kelly says that the attempt to correct the horrific conditions and abuse at mental health institutions in the past has made it incredibly difficult to institutionalize anyone. Even parents who know that their kids are sociopaths or psychopaths have their hands tied.

“[If] you suspect your child may be the next mass shooter — trust me these parents are out there — there’s nothing to do with your kid,” Kelly explains, “Psychiatrists will tell you they cannot counsel someone out of sociopathy or psychopathy, law enforcement will tell you they can’t lock somebody up who hasn’t committed a crime. The standard for psychiatric institutionalization is too high — it’s impossible.”

She says that mental health isn’t the only solution, there are other things that could be done to protect people in public spaces.

“We need to fortify soft targets like schools and malls. What parent wouldn’t feel better knowing there’s a good guy with a gun at their child’s school like there happened to be at this mall?” asks Kelly. “The carnage this weekend would have been far worse in Texas if that hero cop had not just happened to be there.”

“These aren’t all the solutions but we need to stop getting mired in and immobilized by the neverending gun debate. It too often prevents us from taking other unless other necessary action. The left refuses to get off the guns,” said Kelly then blsted the “self-aggrandizing lawmakers” in Nashville who had a tantrum on the floor while the legislature was trying to pass a law that would actually protect school children.

“It’s time to shame the gun control zealots for stopping any other reasonable debates around these shootings,” she said.

Kelly then got defiant.

“I will offer my thoughts and prayers. I will. Stop trying to shame me for doing that. We need God in those moments more than any other. And just because you’re not part of the gun control cult doesn’t make it inappropriate,” she said. “It is not inappropriate to share your thoughts and your prayers for the victims just because you don’t see gun control measures as a solution because they haven’t been — in any state.”

“I will continue starting discussions about other remedies in the wake of these shootings. That’s where I’m going to go each time — discussions about other remedies. Such that we at least stand a chance of reducing these mass events,” she said.

She then referred her followers to Episode 248 where she debated gun control with two of the All-In podcast hosts, Jason Calacanis and David Sacks. (That discussion also got quite spicey!)

“Alright, that’s what I wanted to say on the gun situation. And our thoughts and prayers do go out to those down in Texas who are suffering right now. You never want to forget the families and you never want to forget the victims,” concluded Kelly.

Watch her epic monologue here:

Bravo, Megyn!

She’s become a total badass, and I’m here for it.

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