WATCH: Project Veritas Exposes Pedophile Network With THOUSANDS Of Users Hiding In Plain Sight

Written by K. Walker on May 23, 2023

Child porn is normally in the dark, hidden corners of the internet. That wasn’t the case this time.

Ryan Montgomery, a cybersecurity professional, was given a tip about a disturbing website and after a bit of digging, he found a vast network of people openly discussing horrific behavior and expressing their pedophile tendencies. He says that it wasn’t just pedophiles, there were also rapists and self-proclaimed serial killers using the site. He describes it as a gathering place for “every single type of horrible human being you can imagine.”

Montgomery says that there were more than 3,000 gmail addresses alone and nearly 7,000 users associated with the site.

What was more disturbing was that this vast network was easily accessible by adults and children and some minors were offering themselves to be abused.

Montgomery revealed his findings on several podcasts, and reached out to several news stations, but heard nothing back.

When one of the podcasts he was on went viral, he was contacted by Project Veritas. He is working with Project Veritas because he trusts their reporting and wants to see arrests made in order to protect children.

Project Veritas investigative reporters followed up on users of the now-defunct and tracked down hundreds of users.

The first user of the site that they have revealed is Jonathan who is living in government-subsidized housing in Brooklyn, New York. Jonathan initially denied knowledge of the site, but later admitted to using it to view child pornography when questioned in the presence of the Brooklyn Community Services Program Director.

From the video:

VERITAS JOURNALIST: This website ‘Rapey.To,’ were you a member of this website?

JONATHAN: I was … That sort of thing is connected to my addiction.

VERITAS JOURNALIST: Right. What is your addiction?


VERITAS JOURNALIST: It’s safe to assume that you’re attracted to children?

JONATHAN: I did have a fetish. I have therapy to help me get over that addiction.

Jonathan also describes an incident where he lied to a female user of the site that he raped a little girl in a school basement in order to have her send him child porn.

An NYPD officer with the computer crime squad told Project Veritas that he was stymied in his attempt to interview Jonathan by the Brooklyn Community Services General Counsel.

Montgomery also explains his frustration and rage when he learned that the man who launched the site was arrested after kidnapping and raping a 12-year old girl in 2020 — six months after he had contacted the authorities about the site and its creator.

Here is the Project Veritas report:

Montgomery admits that he’s concerned about the legal ramifications of gathering the data on the site, but he took as many precautions as he could, including contacting the FBI.

“Am I scared of the legal implications? Obviously, yes. I don’t want to go through any legal ramifications for trying to do a good thing [by exposing pedophiles]. I had no bad intentions. I was trying to help children,” said Montgomery. “Of course, there’s a little bit of fear there, but it’s worth it for the kids.”

“Children need our help. They can’t do this for themselves, they can’t make decisions for themselves,” said Montgomery encouraging people aware of child porn to come forward.


Project Veritas. “Self-Admitted Child Porn Solicitor Based in Brooklyn Identified From Whistleblower Database of ‘Rapey.To’ Users; Brooklyn DA Presses No Charges.” May 22, 2023.

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