Woke Warriors Lose Even MORE Ground In Battle Over Florida’s Education Policy

Written by Wes Walker on May 16, 2023

[NOTE: This article may contain commentary reflecting the author’s opinion.]

It has taken the Right a while to wise up to how the Left has been weaponizing schools at a local level. But DeSantis is helping lead the charge to take our schools back from the zealots.

If the day comes, as many think it will, that DeSantis throws his hat in the ring for the race to the White House, a big part of his pitch will be the success he has seen in rolling back the left’s agenda as Florida’s Governor.

And you have to admit, ‘Citadel of Freedom‘ and ‘Where woke goes to die‘ are pretty catchy slogans. Catchy enough that our ClashDaily exclusive Florida-themed merch has been doing quite well…

(Not to mention the Commie Disney shirts.)

But with the expected announcement due any day, which accomplishment will he lead with in order to make his pitch? Knowing what has been animating the right recently, his most recent victory might be an obvious first choice.

Here’s what his social media account tweeted just yesterday:

OAN provides some more detail about the new legislation that prompted the tweet.

Governor Ron DeSantis signed a bill on Monday that bans the Sunshine State’s public colleges from funding diversity, equality, and inclusion programs, prohibiting the way that race has been represented and taught in many courses.
The action is part of a larger conservative effort to tackle higher education DEI programs, which DeSantis and other notable GOP members claim promote liberal dogma and strengthen racial division.
The new law in Florida forbids public colleges from using state or federal funds for DEI initiatives. It also increases the hiring authority of university presidents and boards of trustees.
Advocates of DEI funding claim that these programs frequently assist institutions in “increasing the diversity” of their student body and faculty, which could include curriculums speaking on sexual orientation, religion, and socioeconomic position, in addition to race and ethnicity.
Additionally, the legislation prohibits public colleges from offering general education courses that “distort significant historical events,” teach “identity politics,” or are “based on theories that systemic racism, sexism, oppression, or privilege are inherent in the institutions of the United States and were created to maintain social, political, or economic inequities.”

We got ourselves into this mess when the other team kept putting a series of small wins on the board across all levels of government. If we are going to take it back, it will require our side doing the same thing.

At the State level, Ron DeSantis has been doing a good job of putting up those wins. Whether or not his State-level wins can translate into a successful national-level campaign is for wiser minds than this one.

Ever since my 2016 prediction finished in 2nd place, I’ve been reminded of the obvious lesson that my opinion about what will happen really doesn’t matter a Tinker’s damn. It’s the people who will decide who to nominate as their voice in the General… as it should be.

And that’s when the fight truly begins.

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