America’s Largest ‘Transgender Health’ Provider Issues Letter Recommending Surgery After 22-Minute Zoom Interview

Written by Wes Walker on June 8, 2023

[NOTE: this article contains commentary reflecting the views of the author.]

If you thought Matt Walsh releasing his documentary on Day One of the secularists’ (un)holy season of Pride-tide would be the only time he poked them in the eye, well, guess again.

Speaking of ‘Pride’ month, Matt’s not the only one putting a stick in their eye. We’ve got a few ‘pronouns’ of our own. For instance: Freedom/Liberty or Patriot/Veteran. And if ‘Pride’ is the feeling you have on the 4th of July, not the month of June, you might like our other two: MAGA/Patriot; and of course, US/A .

Now he’s exposing the fraud behind the ‘medical’ practice behind the procedure itself.

Why make an issue over trans surgery?

The answer depends on which side you are on.

The left — for reasons we will go into shortly — now sees puberty blockers and trans surgery as an article of faith. Even if they didn’t care about it seven seconds ago. Just like their radical defense of drag queens dancing for children.

Joe Biden’s DOJ and an army of other Democrats are fighting like hell to make sure that children can charge ahead with being medically sterilized by doctors.

We’re told it’s all about the medicine, and that if we oppose it, we are threatening the health and well-being of distressed patients. The ideology is taking root to the point that a federal judge in Florida has (temporarily) blocked parts of legislation prohibiting sketchy anti-puberty drug treatments or destruction of the healthy genitalia of children.

Why would our side object to it?

The problem with using science as an ultimate guide to behavior is that it has often steered us wrong in the past.

For example, when Darwin was first popularized, it spawned another idea. Sir Francis Galton, Darwin’s cousin, began a movement called ‘eugenics’ which took Darwin’s principles of natural selection and applied them to human ethnicities in racialized terms that would horrify the modern reader.

Galton’s ideas were picked up by the secular academic elite of the day. Because it was ‘science’ and Darwin had triumphed over religion in the Scopes trial, eugenics led to such horrors as forced sterilizations. Margaret Sanger was influenced by precisely these kinds of views of ‘hygiene’. Certain other big fans of ‘the Science’ took note in 1930s Germany and took those ideas still further.

Until just a few years ago, such forced sterilizations were a stain on our history. Now we once again find ourselves sterilizing people who are not in a position to give genuine informed consent.

In a reasonable world, ‘too young to order a beer’ might have some rational correlation with ‘too young to lop off your penis or your breasts’.

Exposing hidden motives

What activists like Matt have been focusing a good part of their energy on is showing the disconnect between the claim that the suddenly VERY powerful Trans activist movement is mainly about the well-being of kids who might otherwise kill themselves.

That claim was specifically debunked by a woman in his documentary who gave a tragic story about her own experiences, the lies she was told about transitioning, the dangerous nature of the drugs she was prescribed, and the devastating consequences the surgery had on her body. Those consequences included repeated infections and a reduced lifespan. She explained that people are statistically more likely to commit suicide several years AFTER the so-called sex-reassignment surgery.

She described being rushed into a decision to ‘transition’ without fully understanding what that entailed or what risks would be associated with it. And this is someone who was making her decision as an adult woman who had long since given birth to several children. How much worse when a child is fast-tracked down that road?

Investigative journalism to the rescue

Remember when we used to have something called ‘investigative journalism’? It was in situations like these that creative souls would dig deep and expose the grimy truth that nobody else even knew was out there. Do you know the story of Nelly Bly? She blew the whistle on New York’s insane asylums by having herself checked into Blackwell’s Island for ten days and reporting on life from the inside. Her boss’s last name? Pulitzer.

The left and right have been clashing over whether the entire machinery behind the trans movement is motivated by a good-faith interest in helping people, or by some private agenda with little interest in the genuine well-being of distressed patients.

So Matt’s producer went to the biggest provider in the country and posed as an interested client. After only 22 minutes of conversation, they were ready to lop his nuts off. And wait until you get to the plot twist about ‘dysphoria’.

The way Walsh and his team decided to test which side was right is so simple that any team of real journalists could have arranged it — supposing they cared to learn the truth.

For now, we want to know what the primary concern of the ‘expert’ in this exchange was: the patient’s interests, or NOT-the-patient’s interests. (Any questions about what that ‘other’ motive might be can be sorted out later.)

Here’s the description of what happened, as tweeted by Matt Walsh:

Elon Musk had a one-word response to the thread that should be the response of anyone that is concerned about the state of healthcare …

This doesn’t just raise serious questions about possible insurance fraud.

It strikes to the heart of the issue by raising legitimacy questions about the entire industry.

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