DeSantis Names Which Federal Agencies He Would Shut Down If Elected President

Written by Wes Walker on June 29, 2023

It’s an ambitious list. There would be plenty of pushback. Do you think it could work?

Ron DeSantis is busy trying to reclaim the momentum he lost since his high-water mark in the spring. Networks talking about Trump all day long isn’t helping him any.

But if he’s going to have any shot at all of making the race an interesting one, he’s got to find ways to get his message noticed. His answer to Martha MacCallum’s question on Fox News is a good start.

She asked DeSantis whether he, like some Republican contenders before him, would pledge to shut down any government agencies.

Ron was ready with a 2-stage answer. One was the list of agencies (he listed four — including the IRS). The other explained what would happen if that goal was too ambitious for an uncooperative House and Senate.

It’s only 32 seconds long, but it’s the kind of idea that could generate some buzz. And if there is anything the hopefuls running against Trump right now are in desperate need of, it is ‘buzz’.

With so much Trump & Biden drama flooding the news cycle, there isn’t much oxygen left in the room for anyone else. Ronnie D needs to leverage every advantage he can.

What do you think of his plan?

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