IMPEACHMENT: Here’s The Latest On House GOP Push To Impeach Joe Biden

Written by Wes Walker on June 22, 2023

Does Joe deserve to be impeached? Even those who would answer with an enthusiastic, all-caps YES will have different ideas of how to proceed to that objective.

One school of thought sees the need to push as hard and fast as possible to blunt the dangerous effects of various policies that are undermining America’s interests. (For example, 7 million illegal aliens, and counting.)

The other school of thought sees the need to build such an airtight case against Joe Biden that even media flunkies can no longer turn a blind eye to evidence of corruption like the ones that came out in today’s Ways and Means Committee announcement.

Those two factions came into conflict today as the Impeach-him-now side filed formal articles of impeachment against Joe Biden, only one day after the Democrats closed ranks and voted in party-line support of someone as obviously corrupt as Adam Schiff.

Leader McCarthy had middle way forward. He worked out an agreement with the Impeach-him-now faction that we would send the resolution to Judiciary and Homeland Security Committees.

“Nothing happens without force. And sometimes you have to shake things up to actually affect change. Washington, D.C., is broken. I came here to fix it,” Boebert said on the steps of the Capitol. “And my actions to call up my privileged resolution made way to begin an impeachment inquiry into Joe Biden.”

She said she hopes the committees can complete their probes and that articles of impeachment could be brought to the floor “this year.”

McCarthy said he didn’t give Boebert a timeline because he doesn’t determine how quickly committees do their work. And he said if GOP lawmakers decide to unilaterally force impeachment votes without the support of colleagues, “they probably won’t go anywhere.”

“Because I think we work as a team, not as individuals,” the speaker said. — NBCNews

The go-slow-and-get-it-right school of thought is looking at building a case with details of malfeasance like this:

And this:

And especially this:

They don’t want an effort for impeachment to fizzle out and go nowhere. They want evidence so compelling in the eyes of the public that no Democrat Senator would dare risk his own political future by voting to block it.

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