LMAO: Woke Attempt To Turn Twitter Against Daily Wire Film Backfires … Badly

Written by Wes Walker on June 2, 2023

The Free-Speech suppressors embedded like ticks in Elon’s Twitter 2.0 got over-confident. They failed to account for the Streisand Effect.

When last we looked at what was going on In Elon’s digital playground, the leadership team at DailyWire let the world know — in specific detail — about how censorious Twitter insiders had pulled the rug out from under the feet of their Big Project to celebrate the 1-year anniversary of Matt Walsh’s hugely-successful documentary ‘What Is A Woman’.

We covered that story as it was beginning to unfold here: TECH TYRANNY: Twitter 2.0 FAILING First Big Free Speech Test Over ‘Spicy’ DailyWire Film

At the time our story went live it was evident that there was a tug-of-war at play between two very different paths forward for Twitter. What wasn’t clear was which side would win.

The on-air personalities — plus leadership — at the Daily Wire went ahead as planned, despite threats that their account would be hit with some of Twitter’s algorithmic censorship tools if they went ahead and aired the ‘problematic’ documentary which they had previously agreed to air. (These details were all covered in yesterday’s story).

They met for a live for a Twitter Spaces event which was used as an intro to their free viewing of the documentary itself.

Let’s begin by saying the effort was difficult but eventually resulted in a win for the free speech side:

Are you starting to see why the thought of Elon and Tucker Carlson working on a project together stirred excitement in so many imaginations?

But it was by no means a smooth path to get there.

Right from the launch:

They ran into roadblocks:

Viewers and users were looking for work-arounds

And making appeals to Elon

Matt Taibbi who has recently done famous work on the Twitter Files — and is NOT historically a conservative — had something to say in defence of the film. Among them:

Elon gave an update on where things stood with the film:

And then THIS happened as things started to turn around:

Then things REALLY started to turn around:

This was not what the censors would have expected:

Here’s where the woke plan to derail the film blew up in the face of the people who pushed it.

After all that fighting what did the scoreboard look like at the end of the day? There are two ways to measure it.

One way is Metrics

Here we are as of 1pm Eastern the next day:

The other way is in the public messaging battle.

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