Man Who Served Prison Time For Illegal Biden Donations Speaks Out About Hunter’s Plea

Written by Wes Walker on June 30, 2023

Chris Tigani thought his donation was helping Joe run for President. Following Biden’s donation instructions landed him in prison. Strangely, team Biden was never investigated.

Now that Hunter Biden is getting a wrist slap for FAR more serious charges, Tigani is pissed… and he’s bringing receipts. (It looks like Joe’s beloved golden boy Beau was just as shady as his no-account crackhead brother.)

More than ever, our ClashDaily original ‘Hunter’s Laptop Matters‘ gear is right on target:

Here is Tigani describing how a well-intentioned donation to Joe Biden landed him in prison because he followed the steps Team Biden had suggested: Why Did Weiss Give Biden Donor 2 Years In Prison While Refusing To Investigate The Big Guy?

Here is a tweet thread in which Tigani lays out chapter and verse about how it pays to be Delaware’s well-connected Fortunate Son.

Let’s not forget that some of Hunter’s illicit tax write-offs were especially egregious.

Among the violations that had been slow-walked beyond the expiry of their statutes of limitations were instances of Hunter Biden claiming hookers and hotel rooms for drug dealers as legitimate business expenses.

And just yesterday, we heard this:

Is it any wonder Tigani has been taking this case so very personally?

How many other friends, supporters, and business partners have longstanding beefs about getting screwed over by Biden Inc, while the Bidens themselves never face serious consequences?

How many of them do you suppose are waiting for their chance to return the favor?

This isn’t over yet.

Not by a long shot.

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