‘My Daughter Was Murdered By Gender Ideology’ Says Devastated Mom (VIDEO)

Written by K. Walker on June 23, 2023

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The school, an LGBT+ group, a trans-identifying peer, and Child Protective Services encouraged the teen’s transition, despite the concerns of the girl’s mother. Will anyone be held to account for this tragedy?

Abigail Martinez’s daughter, Yaeli, killed herself three years after the state removed her from her home to ensure that she was provided a supportive environment and “gender-affirming care.” Yaeli was just 19 years old.

Last week, Martinez testified before the California legislature in opposition to AB 957, a bill that would consider it abuse if a parent didn’t “affirm” their child’s gender identity. The bill relates specifically to custody disputes and would deny custody to the “non-affirming” parent, but doesn’t define what “affirming” means.

Martinez is sounding the alarm on the state stepping in and removing children from their homes when a child self-identifies as gender dysphoric.

She said that her daughter had been suffering from severe depression and the confusion about her gender only began after Yaeli began attending an LGBT club at school and met another transgender-identifying girl who suggested that gender dysphoria might be the cause of her depression.

Martinez said that initially, the school hid from her Yaeli’s desire to transition from female to male. She did say that she went along with Yaeli’s desire to use the names Andrew and Jay along with male pronouns, but that the teen’s depression only worsened.

She added that instead of therapy, Yaeli was put on testosterone “almost immediately”. Martinez didn’t consent to the testosterone and when she pushed back on it, this refusal to “affirm” Yaeli’s chosen identity was enough for the school counselor to label that “abuse” and recommended that CPS take custody of Yaeli.