SO NASTY: Rainbow Crowd Suggests Degrading New Name For Female Genitals

Published on June 30, 2023

Many of our readers wouldn’t be caught dead posting woke pronouns in their bios. But a shirt like Freedom/Liberty, Patriot/Veteran, MAGA/Patriot, or US/A? That’s a whole other story.

For an activist group basing so much of their policy demands on hurt feelings, they never seem to bat an eye over terms that degrade the fairer sex.

It was bad enough when they first started introducing euphemisms to sidestep plain English biological terms. They policed language. With the lines being deliberately blurred over the meaning of men and women, other aspects of language had to follow suit.

We were introduced to distasteful terms like ‘chest feeding’, menstruators, lactators, womb-havers, bodies with vaginas, and birthing persons. We were told these disgraceful phrases were the new standards on how to speak clearly and without offending people.

Clearly, nobody asked the average woman how they felt about their Orwellian Newspeak. Just like the introduction of ‘Latinx’, the people described by such crass terms were expected to accept it without question.

Like a wildfire, the activist is never satisfied with what it has already consumed. It’s looking to devour something more.

The unlikely source of the latest offensive euphemism is a charity for cervical cancer.

This is a screenshot from Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust in the Uk. (Link here)

Take a moment to appreciate the irony of how smoothly these 3 finger-wagging paragraphs of moralizing about how inconsiderate language can hurt people’s feelings changed gears to the very first term in the glossary:

Bonus hole – An alternative word for the vagina.’

Because doesn’t every woman in your life enjoy being defined by how her anatomy can be an outlet for someone else’s sexual gratification?

There is something about these people that is just so crass and off-putting.

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