Tucker’s Second Twitter Show Takes The Gloves Off On VERY Taboo Topics (VIDEO)

Written by Wes Walker on June 9, 2023

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Tucker Carlson’s unexpected departure from Fox News was a big story, causing waves all across the political spectrum, leaving all sorts of speculation about what he would do next.

There was silence. And then a teaser that went live just as his old timeslot was starting up. The numbers that tweet racked up were shocking.

Another period of silence was pierced earlier this week by a video tweet with an unassuming caption: Ep. 1.

WATCH: Tucker Carlson’s New Twitter Show Just Dropped

That was followed by Fox News sending a threatening lawyers letter.

BUCKLE UP: FoxNews Threatens Lawsuit Over Tucker Running Shows On Twitter

Which brings us to last night. How would Tucker respond to that threat.

Would he back off or double down?

He doubled down… in a big way.

Not only did he come back. He took direct aim at not one but several sacred cows that the legal teams in most big corporations afraid of their own shadow (or an advertiser boycott) would never touch with a ten-foot-pole.

This one got a spicy title: ‘Cling To Your Taboos’. And it makes the questions he asked about the destruction of that dam in Ukraine look mainstream by comparison.

See for yourself:

On a side note, The Babylon Bee replied to Episode 2 of Tucker on Twitter and got a reaction from the Chief Twit himself.

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