“WANNABE DICTATOR”: Was This SCATHING Monologue Tucker’s Best So Far?

Written by Wes Walker on June 16, 2023

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If Fox News was hoping to PROTECT Biden from claims of being a dictator, they just made things much, MUCH worse.

When Trump was giving that Bedminster speech after his arraignment, Fox News had a split-screen of speeches being given by both Trump and Biden at the same time. During that footage, Fox News put up a chryon for all of 30 seconds, calling Joe a ‘wannabe dictator’.

Here’s a screengrab.

That’s when all hell broke loose.

For a brief moment, Fox News’s coverage was suddenly bigger news than than the arraignment itself. How DARE they call Joe Biden a ‘wannabe dictator’!

Which is kind of weird when you think about it, because the PREVIOUS president was routinely compared to all kinds of different dictators. Notably Hitler.


Before Trump, they were doing the same thing to Dubya and Cheney.

Do a search sometime on ‘Bushitler’ or ‘Bush/Cheney + war criminal’ and see what turns up. Now that Dubya is out of office, he’s the good guy.

Of course, the cycle continues. Some media has already been warming up its ‘worse than Trump’ rhetoric against DeSantis. Just in case.

The staff member who put that chyron up was suddenly out of a job… and didn’t even get two-weeks notice to clean out his desk.

After berating Fox News for bowing and scraping while kissing the feet of the media clerisy, he picked up on the ‘wannabe dictator’ line.

With biting satire that would have brought a tear to the eye of Jonathan Swift, he explained in deadpan fashion that it’s really hard to be a ‘wannabe dictator’ and there are a lot of boxes such a person would have to check off, FoxNews.

And yet somehow, the more he listed the differences between Joe Biden and an actual dictator… the guiltier he looked.

Imagine that.

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