WATCH: McCarthy Takes Q. From CNN — Then Turns Around And Roasts Them With It

Written by Wes Walker on June 13, 2023

Go ahead, CNN, run THAT exchange on your network — if you dare!

CNN is just one of the networks salivating over the Trump indictment story. They might be blind to their own hypocrisy, but McCarthy isn’t.

It’s time we see some MORE boldness like this on our side of the aisle.

At the very moment where CNN is champing at the bit to see Trump taken down over a case involving the misuse of classified documents, those few still watching have noticed how they very selective they are about who should be on the receiving end of such prosecution.

In fact, some of the paid commentariat on their own network have shady histories. Histories including the leaking of classified information! Histories including abuse of government powers against civilians and political rivals.

When asked to weigh in on the indictment, McCarthy refused to play this game by CNN’s rules.

CNN is gleefully pointing fingers at Trump (here we go again!) as though he was already proven guilty.

How should we take any of CNN’s pearl-clutching about obstruction, the rule of law, or national security seriously so long as unserious clowns like McCabe and Clapper are still on their staff?

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