Armed International Enemies Are Exploiting Our Border — This Will Freak You Out (VIDEO)

Written by Wes Walker on July 27, 2023

Mayorkas can sit and smirk at oversight committees all he wants.

But that doesn’t change the fact that there is real evidence of an organized enemy consciously exploiting our negligence.

You already knew about the role Communist China is playing with regard to the murder of American citizens in the illicit drug trade. They are literally making money hand over fist off of the deaths of Americans.

They see it as settling old scores from China’s first and second Opium Wars between 1842 and 1860. We see it as dead bodies stacked up like cordwood.

But there’s another element to this massive influx of people coming across our border. One that even the GOP isn’t really talking about much.

But if we are lurching toward conflict in the proverbial Thucydides Trap as China tries to overtake us in a race to global primacy, with Taiwan a potential powder keg waiting to go off, we will want to keep our eyes open to other possible threats we could be facing.

Threats like this one.

After all, we have evidence from their latest 5-year plans that they have no intention of ‘playing nice’ with America. YO PATRIOTS: Have You Seen China’s 5-Year Plan To Leapfrog America?

Psalms of War: Prayers That Literally Kick Ass is a collection, from the book of Psalms, regarding how David rolled in prayer. I bet you haven’t heard these read, prayed, or sung in church against our formidable enemies — and therein lies the Church’s problem. We’re not using the spiritual weapons God gave us to waylay the powers of darkness. It might be time to dust them off and offer ‘em up if you’re truly concerned about the state of Christ’s Church and of our nation.

Also included in this book, Psalms of War, are reproductions of the author’s original art from his Biblical Badass Series of oil paintings.

This is a great gift for the prayer warriors. Real. Raw. Relevant.