BAD@SS: Sentinel Remains Faithful At His Post During Wicked Storm

Written by Wes Walker on July 31, 2023

This is exactly the devotion the memory of those who came before us, paving the way for us to enjoy the freedoms so many of us have taken for granted, deserve.

Arlington Cemetery holds a privileged place in the national consciousness. Not because of any innate value of the land or location. That patch of land is precious because of the treasure contained within its soil.

The bones of those who served — and often died in service of — the nation they loved.

A powerful storm swept through the DC area this weekend. It was powerful enough to knock down trees and make the grounds unsafe for visitors.

In a storm that’s knocking down trees, a civilian might understand if members of the Old Guard were to seek shelter.

Here is footage from that day:

Yes, this kind of devotion impresses the rest of us. (To the point we’ve even got ‘heroic masculinity‘ and ‘make heroes great again‘ t-shirt lines to celebrate it.)

But not just us that were impressed.

These guys are, to use the original sense of a now over-used phrase, ‘built different’.

The Old Guard’s twitter account can be seen here.

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