BREAKING: Hunter Plea Deal Fizzles — Pleads ‘Not Guilty’

Written by Wes Walker on July 26, 2023

The wait is finally over. The judge has rejected Hunter’s sweetheart plea deal.

Until this morning, the plan was for Hunter to plead guilty to two misdemeanor counts of failure to pay federal tax, together with a plea to avoid jail time for Hunter’s felony gun charge.

The real drama people were anticipating stemmed from the hijinks that had caused the judge to threaten sanctions against Hunter’s legal team.

The sketchy legal hijinks included someone aligned with his team allegedly calling the clerk to ‘withdraw’ a Ways and Means Committee amicus brief under the false claim that they were working for the Ways and Means Committee.

But Judge Maryellen Noreika did not accept the plea agreement, questioning the constitutionality–specifically the diversion clause and the immunity Hunter Biden would receive.

The judge pressed federal prosecutors on the investigation and questioned whether there was the possibility for future charges, and asked prosecutors if Hunter Biden was currently under active investigation. Prosecutors said he was, but would not answer specifically what the president’s son is under investigation for.
The judge asked whether a potential violation of the Foreign Agents Registration Act was under consideration, but prosecutors were tight-lipped on the matter.

The judge put the court in recess and asked that federal prosecutors and Biden’s legal team discuss the plea deal, telling the court that they did not appear to be in agreement on the terms. — FoxNews

The deal fell apart completely.

That deal seems to have fallen apart when the judge started asking questions about whether future FARA charges were included in the immunity.

A recess in which both sides were given time to hash out the details went nowhere. When it came time for Hunter to enter a plea, instead of pleading guilty to the terms of the deal, he is pleading ‘not guilty’ to the two tax charges.

As for everything else, including the federal gun charge? We don’t yet know what the DOJ plans to do with that.

They seem to have been caught flat-footed today.

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