Contrasting CocaineGate Vs. The Covid-Era Rose Garden ‘Incident’

Written by Wes Walker on July 14, 2023

To call our inability to solve a crime in one of the most secure buildings in the entire world ‘concerning’ is one hell of an understatement.

The inability to solve the ‘mystery’ of CocaineGate gets even more pronounced when we compare it to a Trump-era mystery: the case of Covid in the Rose Garden.

We all remember that Trump held an event at the White House Rose Garden in connection with Justice Barrett’s successful nomination to the Supreme Court.

The same Media(D) that sniffed indifferently at the unsolved crime of cocaine in the White House was apopleptic about the ‘superspreader event’ at the White House.

Speaker McCarthy’s spox did an excellent job in contrasting the two:

With CocaineGate, we see an official announcement that the case went cold. No fingerprints or DNA to be found. And no suspects are named, despite the White House being just about the only crime scene where we have the name and Social Security of every single visitor.

This is the CocaineGate story he attached to that tweet:

He’s comparing it against a story the press conveniently whipped up into a fake crisis just weeks before the 2020 election.

Why would ANYONE suspect the public is being lied to?

Especially when we have seen how impartial the Secret Service can be:

The Secret Service has located hundreds of pages of records tied to the investigation of a gun belonging to Hunter Biden – despite having denied they existed, a government watchdog group said Thursday.

Judicial Watch is investigating whether the Secret Service intervened on behalf of President Biden’s son after the incident, and it has sued the agency for all materials related to the reported purchase, possession, and disposal of the firearm owned by Hunter Biden. — NYPost

Also, did you hear about the missing key?

Other GOP lawmakers who stayed for the briefing confirmed that roughly one gram of cocaine was found July 2 by a Secret Service agent in a storage locker inside the West Wing executive entrance, and that no cameras were in position to capture footage of the culprit. The cocaine was found in one of 182 lockers with the key missing, according to Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-Colo.). — NYPost

On top of all that, we still don’t have a reasonable explanation for how we had an ‘evolving’ story of where the cocaine was actually found.

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