Dude Eats Wife’s Brain, Uses Skull As Ashtray … Belongs To Growing Mexican Death Cult

Written by Wes Walker on July 8, 2023

The secular Western world has a very sanitized view of what evil really is. They tend to wink and nod at it in because they only imagine it to mean taboo forms of pleasure and indulgence.

That’s why the secularists laugh when Drag Queens use a cross (complete with someone posing as a crucified man on it) as a stripper pole for obscene dancing.

Or when the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence hijack Christian themes to degrade and sexualize them in ways they would never dare to hijack, say, Islam. They even ‘appropriate’ Christian religious garb, and mock the words of Jesus Christ in their slogan ‘go and sin some more’.

Ha ha. Get it? Isn’t it funny to be wicked? Aren’t we clever in mocking those backwater wet blanket Christians?

The mocking laughter gets even louder when groups identifying as satanic set up public monuments, launch after school groups, or run ‘moral’ crusades to support whichever latest sexual deviancy is making headlines.

Look at us, we beat them at their own religious freedom game.

They doubled down with both with printing pride flags featuring the devil himself. — MOCKING GOD: Pride Marchers Go ‘All-In’ On Cheering Satan, Jeering Jesus

It never occurs to these clods that the moral vacuum created by their rejection of a transcendent moral good leaves them unprepared to deal with the face of genuine malevolent evil.

We have several such evils growing in tandem in North America.

Sex — especially child sex slavery.

One of them is the kind of evil that motivated the real-life hero in the Sound of Freedom film. Young children being kidnapped and repeatedly abused in ways most of us could never comprehend, breaking both the bodies and minds of their vicitms over and over again.

It’s not just the kidnappers and the sexual enslavers that represent this kind of evil. It’s also the staggering number of direct and indirect consumers of the sexual violence without which this exploitation of children would dry up for want of any profit motive.

When you think of how many customers it would take to make a multi-billion dollar sex trade industry that profitable, suddenly that devil-may-care sexual application of ‘go and sin some more’ takes on a far more serious tone. A mind-bending number of people aren’t just getting into the creepy stuff, they’re getting into the blatantly criminal stuff.

Violence — especially the gratuitous kind

You turn on the news any time of day and you will hear some kind of story about people destroying the lives of perfect strangers by sucker punching or ganging up on someone standing alone; pushing someone onto the tracks; shooting a Lyft or delivery driver; stabbing someone using public transit; to say nothing of the wanton acts of particularized malevolence when someone takes a gun with the intent of killing or maiming as many people as they can before some cop puts a bullet in their chest.

That’s an enormous sign of the cultural decay America has undergone, when we no longer accept the Christian beliefs we once agreed on that because we are all made in God’s image, life is intrinsically valuable, no matter who you are.

But there is a whole other level of violence that America hasn’t yet awakened to. These people aren’t merely secularists who have abandoned Christian beliefs and trivialized morality in general. A level of violence that (if taken seriously) will completely recalibrate your concepts of good and evil.

Death Cult — What devil worship really looks like

They have gone the next step in affirmatively embracing a religious worldview that glorifies both cruelty and violence.

A ‘devil worshipper’ dubbed the ‘Cannibal of Puebla’ who allegedly killed his wife, ate her brain in tacos, and used her skull as an ashtray has been arrested in Mexico.

The suspect, identified only as Alvaro, was seized at the couple’s home in Puebla on July 2 and taken into custody.

The police accuse the 32-year-old of murdering his wife – a mother of five – on June 29 while under the influence of a prohibited substance.

During questioning, he allegedly told officers that Santa Muerte (Our Lady of Holy Death) and the devil had ordered him to commit the crime.

Following the killing, Alvaro allegedly dismembered victim Maria Montserrat Animas Montiel’s body and placed her remains in plastic bags.

Grieving Maria Alicia added that Alvaro chopped up the 38-year-old victim’s body ‘with a machete, a chisel, and a hammer’. She went on: ‘I called him crying, asking why he did that to her if she wasn’t a bad person.’

According to Maria Alicia, the suspect confessed: ‘I killed her, I cut her into pieces, and I threw her into the ravine in bags.’

She added that he claimed: ‘She didn’t suffer.’ — DailyMail

The interesting point in this story is the lack of agency claimed by the admitted murderer. ‘Santa Muerte’ and the devil had ‘ordered’ him.

It would be easy to dismiss this guy as a crackpot… except for the fact that there are more like him.

So, can we be done with the laughing now and turn our attention to serious topics? Or are people still too busy being edgy in the culture war?

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