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Feinstein’s Fail In The Vote — Are You Buying The Excuses, Or Calling BS?

Dianne Feinstein was called on to vote. Confused, she gave a speech, instead. A mic caught her staffers prompting her to ‘just say aye’.

It wasn’t just one staffer that tried to redirect her mid-speech.

She’s reading from her prepared notes, and a male staffer leans in to whisper to her in mid-sentence. She abruptly stops, clearly caught off-guard.

He whispers something else. She’s not making sense of whatever he’s saying. Then the voice of Sen Patty Murray is picked up by the microphones. ‘Just say aye’. Feinstein, looks up from her notes, to Murray, in a questioning tone: ‘ok, just…?’ [awkward laugh, turns back toward the mic] ‘AYE!’

It reignited all the ongoing concerns about Feinsteins’ declining mental faculties.

Not to worry, a public statement has been made about what REALLY happened in that exchange.

“The senator was preoccupied, didn’t realize debate had just ended and a vote was called,” a spokesperson for Feinstein said. “She started to give a statement, was informed it was a vote, and then cast her vote.” — BPR

So… are you buying it?

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