Hey Joe: Comer Announced Two Ways To Expose The BidenCrimeFamily — Nervous Yet? (Video)

Written by Wes Walker on July 13, 2023

Two IRS whistleblowers (including that ‘Mr. X’) have a date set for their hearings, and Comer is coming with a list of prepared questions. But that’s not the only move Comer is making.

Democrats have tried to dismiss the IRS whistleblowers as partisan operatives or anonymous hacks. But they are both putting their money where their mouth is by swearing in for official hearings.

Comer is ready with a long list of questions he would like to see answered, especially the ones filling in the information gaps of what the hell service Joe and Hunter could provide that might justify a CCP-connected company to shovel some $10 million their way.

The fact that it is a Chinese ENERGY company that he was dealing, and that Joe Biden has been openly hostile to US domestic energy policy is an interesting wrinkle to this story. Were Joe and Hunter assisting China in accessing American drilling rights, in selling to US markets, or in gobbling up Us drilling companies?

We sure would like to see him explain THAT in light of his Green New Deal extremism.

But that’s not all Comer has up his sleeve.

Biden’s DOJ has now officially indicted a whistleblower who warned the FBI (before Joe Biden announced his presidential run) that Joe Biden was on the take. That indictment was unsealed on the very same day that the whistleblower made a public statement about what he told the FBI and when he told them.

Now that the whistleblower has publicly announced his meeting in Brussels with six people from the FBI, Comer is calling for an unredacted copy of that testimony.

We can expect them to fight like Hell to keep THAT out of Comer’s hands. But they have oversight power for a reason.

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