HILARIOUS: In This K9 Arrest The ‘Man-Bites-Dog’ Headline Is Literally True!

Written by Wes Walker on July 10, 2023

Some headline writers have waited their entire lives for a story like this one.

It’s an old adage of news that nobody cares about a dog-bites-man story any more than they would care about a story about someone buying groceries. It’s something that happens all the time. Just ask Joe Biden’s Secret Service detail.

If there was something unusual about those groceries — if you found a rare ancient coin when you cut open your potato, or a severed finger tip in a can of soup — that grocery trip suddenly became newsworthy.

The journalism shorthand for those unexpected and splashy stories that make them interesting (or in the digital era, ‘clickable’) is to call them a man-bites-dog story.

Dogs bite people all the time, but if a dude stared doing the biting? That’s messed up… ‘tell me more’.

For once, there’s an actual story to report where exactly this has happened.

He was (allegedly) resisting arrest while — you guessed it — a K9 unit was on scene.

Like Biden and his dogs, this story comes out of Deleware, where the accused seems to have had a few too many.

Jamal Wing, 47, of Wilmington, was pulled over for a traffic stop. He got out of his car without being instructed to leave it, and he refused any commands to return to his car.

…Wing “forcibly” resisted arrest and bit a K9, Mako, “multiple times” in the process. Troopers soon took him into custody, “smelled alcohol coming from his breath and detected signs of impairment.”

Emergency services personnel took Wing to a hospital for treatment of the injuries he sustained from resisting arrest. “At the hospital, Wing continued to resist and assaulted a trooper causing the trooper injury and damaging Delaware State Police property.”

Two injured troopers and Mako the K9 were medically evaluated at a hospital. Following Wing’s discharge, he was charged with felonies including a two-count charge of second-degree assault on police, a one-count charge of first-degree assault on the K9, driving under the influence of alcohol and a two-count charge of violently resisting arrest, among other charges, according to the press release. — DailyCaller

It’s not so much that the charges claim he bit the dog, as weird as that is.

It’s possible to imagine a situation where someone gets desperate in a fight and uses their teeth to get out of a losing situation. Admittedly, biting a dog and not a person strains credulity a little.

But biting a dog multiple times?

That’s going in the news for sure.

Congrats, Jamal… or something.

Somebody should have gotten him a copy of this before he found himself in this crazy situation.

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