HILARIOUS: Nicole Arbour UNLOADS On Political Outrage Over Barbie Move (VIDEO)

Written by Wes Walker on July 25, 2023

Predictably, the 114-minute commercial for one of Mattel’s best-known brands is being trashed. But not because it’s a shameless marketing gimmick. Nope — it’s the politics.

Nicole Arbour is having none of it.

She’s been a fan of the toy since she was little. She sees the movie as empty escapism. And the reaction of the outrage crowd amused her so much that she’s giving them the same treatment she used when the woke killjoys had their knives out for ‘Baby It’s Cold Outside’.

If you’re one of the people who reduces everything in your life to politics… be warned. This one is probably gonna sting.

But if you actually enjoy life, and don’t go around with that proverbial stick up your butt, you’ll probably enjoy the shots she takes at the kind of silliness in flicks that guys get amped up about.

Or did you already forget that GI Joe and Transformers were ALSO movies based on toys? Fair warning. She’s funny, wicked smart, and absolutely savage with a sweet, sassy smile.

And there’s another pain-in-the-ass movie fandom that takes a beating too.

(Now you can’t say we didn’t warn you.)


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