John Solomon Explains Implications Of The Docs Dropped By Grassley (VIDEO)

Written by Wes Walker on July 21, 2023

Remember that 1023 report that Biden’s DOJ worked so hard to stonewall, redact, and keep out of the hands of Congressional Oversight?

What Wray’s FBI DIDN’T know is that Grassley already had a hard copy without the redactions. So he already knew what they were trying to keep secret. That’s a game-changer.

Now that details have been made known, Grassley has been able to release this document to the public. There is a lot to process. Since John Solomon has been digging his teeth into this story since before Impeachment 1.0, he’s a good source to help walk us through the key ideas.

You can tell he’s being even-handed by the way he opens.

Right off the top (0:18) this is an allegation, not a declaration of truth. On the other hand, many claims made in this allegation can be compared to data points whose truth or falsity can be checked in other ways.

(0:25) some of those data points have been confirmed.

Headline One (0:30):

Burisma hired Hunter Biden in 2015 to have his father (then VP Joe Biden) help protect the company from various problems including “take care of” Ukraine’s prosecutor Viktor Shokin.
[Known related fact? Famous Biden ‘Sonofabitch, he got fired’ video clip, leveraging US finanical aid to do so.]

Headline Two (1:10)

The Biden’s money was illicit (ill-intentioned).

Headline Three (1:30)

Burisma believed themselves to be coerced into hiring Hunter Biden. They considered Hunter and his father to be a package deal, whose combined price tag is $10M — $5M for each Biden.

In 2019, before any of these FBI allegations were public knowledge, — and before the Trump impeachment trial — John Solomon interviewed Shokin (3:05) who told John that Ukraine’s President came to him saying ‘Joe Biden wants me to fire you, I don’t really have a reason, but I’m gonna have to do it. He’s upset that you won’t stop investigating Burisma’.

Interesting how Impeachment 1.0 was driven by the fact that Trump was looking into exactly this issue, isn’t it?

More interesting (ironic?) still was how the ‘quid pro quo’ alleged against Trump was that he was supposedly withholding US aid (including javelin missiles that had been paused for a 30 day review) unless Ukraine do what Trump Zelensky to do.

Trump’s counter-claim (and the plain reading of the phone conversation) was that he wanted to know whether Joe’s ‘sonofabitch he got fired’ bragging amounted to corrupt interference in Ukraine’s private political affairs.

That exchange takes on a whole other light when compared to this 1023 report which although written in 2020, cites earlier communications going back years.

Headline Four (4:00)

Former Biden business partner Tony Bobulinski’s claim that Joe Biden was referred to as ‘the big guy’ in Oct 2020. The FBI informant used the same term to describe Joe Biden.

Headline Five (4:30)

Burisma was concerned that Shokin’s corruption probe would derail Burisma plans to buy an American oil and gas company, and the opening of an IPO.

Headline Six (4:47)

Burisma people said ‘Hunter was not smart’ and they wanted to get additional counsel to back him up because they weren’t sure he could do the job.

Headline Seven (5:08)

Burisma bragged that the money they had paid the Bidens would be very hard to track: “it would take them 10 years to find the records that prove the payments were made”.

Headline Eight (5:30)

A reference made to blockchain and crypto payments we had not previously heard about.

Headline Nine (5:44)

The FBI started hearing information about the Bidens and Burisma back on March 1, 2017.

Here is the tweet where Grassley made the document available to the public.

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