Libs Freak Out That A Movie About Rescuing Kids From Sex Trafficking Is Crushing The Competition

Written by Wes Walker on July 7, 2023

The BlueAnon lying press are so freaked out over the success of this film — and the charity connected to it — that they are desperately trying to invoke the ghost of QAnon.

ClashDaily has been cheerfully announcing the arrival of the movie “The Sound of Freedom”.

See examples here:

There’s a good reason we support this flick.

Not only do we hold those involved in the highest esteem, but the idea of rescuing children from the bondage of sexual slavery is among the noblest (and most dangerous) acts of human kindness one could perform.

Add to that the fact that the story they are telling is about an actual American hero who quit his job (catching child traffickers) to go to a dangerous and forlorn part of the world in search of an abducted child?

That’s the kind of heroism bards used to sing about.
Of COURSE it would make a great movie.

Nobody should be surprised that a movie like that would clean up in the Box Office. Of course, the left hates seeing the success of anything so wholesome.

Not only did we learn in an appearance on Michael Knowles’s program that Hollywood have been holding this story back, but Hollywood is openly hostile to any reference to faith, to the point of deleting scenes and lines from classic literature (specifically Count of Monte Cristo) that reference explicit Christian belief.

If you appreciate schadenfreude, you may enjoy the fact that this film — whose rights Disney passed on, outperformed Indiana Jones, whose rights Disney owns, in head-to-head competition while showing in only half as many theatres.

It’s the true story about a man, Tim Ballard, who ventured off into the jungle, alone, in an attempt to rescue a child abducted by child traffickers.

He has since established a charity that continues that mission, called Operation Underground Railroad.

Despite the noble nature of this cause, both this film and Operation Underground Railroad are facing serious opposition from the left who are desperate to discredit it for some reason.

Some examples:

Jack Poso contrasted two stories by the Guardian. In 2018, they reported as fact that children in Guatemala were being carried into sexual slavery. Today, they are casting doubt on that very same story.

We’ll leave our audience to speculate as to what — beyond mere partisan agendas — might motivate such a change of position.

You’ll notice they revived the old ‘QAnon’ angle of attack which apart from references by journos and Dem operatives, has all but fallen off the face of the planet since at least some time back in 2021.

Here are a few other screen shots of stories from the usual suspects discrediting the author, from parties who led the charge on the litany of various discredited NeverTrump conspiracy theories:

Probably the best reply to those ridiculous allegations comes from Jim Caviezel and Tim Ballard themselves, as the addressed them one by one near the beginning of an interview with Dr. Jordan Peterson.

This is about 5 minutes in, after Ballard had just described the dizzying scale of the problem of children being sold into servitude here in America, while tying it into that unanswered question of 85,000 unaccompanied minors that came in over the border and have gone missing on Biden’s watch.

It picks up where Dr. Peterson is just asking about how fair the media has been to them.

Ballard pulls no punches talking about how the movie (and his organization) have been mischaracterized and defamed by people despite the willful neglect of obvious, easily-acquired facts that (if truthfully reported) would have completely discredited and negated their own hit pieces.

Because others are working hard to discredit a cause whose entire goal is to rescue children from criminal psychopaths looking to profit off of the repeated sale of their bodies, and loathsome predators willing to pay for that opportunity, we will conclude with a little more information about the charity the hero of the movie set up to set other children free.

“Operation Underground Railroad’s (O.U.R.) mission is to shine a light worldwide on the global epidemic of child sex trafficking, and in so doing rescue more children from slavery and assist law enforcement to seek justice for those who violate children. While our focus remains on children, we assist survivors of all ages to bring them safety and healing. We place survivors on a path to recovery by partnering with vetted aftercare providers or by placing them with families.” — Operation Underground Railroad FAQ page

Their website is “OurRescue

While there is neither an easy nor obvious explanation for why people could wilfully turn a blind eye to children sold into sexual bondage (and other forms of exploitation) by modern-day slavers here is something to consider.

Eventually, given enough pressure, public outcry overcomes even carefully protected powerful people with dangerous secrets.

Harvey Weinstein? Despite everyone knowing his dirty little secret about how he would exploit actresses, he was far too powerful for even law enforcement to take down — until he wasn’t.

Ed Buck? One dead man in his apartment wasn’t enough to move police to take down this billionaire. But once there were two dead (black) men he’d hired as hookers and a victim who had barely survived an OD, even his money couldn’t keep him beyond the reach of the law.

Jeffery Epstein? Even with someone as well-connected as him, very story was spiked despite the true nature of his ‘Lolita Express’ being more or less common knowledge.

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