Mittens Thinks He Needs To Save America From ‘Inevitable’ Trump

Written by Wes Walker on July 25, 2023

Mitt Romney’s seething hatred for Donald Trump continues apace. And he thinks it’s his job to put a finger on the scale in 2024.

Most of us, at some point in the 2016 election cycle, got a lesson in humility. For yours truly, it came when Ted Cruz didn’t score the nomination.

Since then I’ve left the outcomes of primaries to the primary voters. As we learned in 2016 — and again after SuperTuesday in 2020 — a lot can change in a short time with a nomination race.

It takes one HELL of an ego to think you will single-handledly change what the electorate decides.

Whatever else you might say about Mitt Romney — he has just such an ego. And he thinks he’s going to put on his hero’s cape and rush in to save America for itself.

Sorry to burst your bubble, Mitt. That’s an opera cape, not a hero’s cape, and you’re not saving anyone from anything, unless you intend to do so by stepping aside and let a better man take your Senate seat.

What’s happening: Sen. Mitt Romney is setting a Feb. 26, 2024, deadline for Republicans to coalesce around an alternative to former President Donald Trump for the GOP presidential nomination.

Details: The Utah Republican, a top Trump critic and former GOP nominee himself, is calling on donors and others with big influence to put pressure on candidates to bow out.

“Donors who are backing someone with a slim chance of winning should seek a commitment from the candidate to drop out and endorse the person with the best chance of defeating Mr. Trump by Feb. 26,” Romney wrote in a Wall Street Journal op-ed. — Politico

He’s afraid that a divided field will guarantee Trump a victory, and wants Republicans to copy the Super Tuesday strategy Democats followed to stop Bernie from taking the nomination. He wants whoever has the best chance of catching Trump to be the avatar of all the Never Trumpers.

If only Romney had this much energy for opposing — oh, I dunno — Joe Biden and the horrific Democrat agenda.

Nope. If Romney had a trucker hat, it would say: Make the GOP Establishment Again.

Time for you to exit stage left, Mitt. You’ve overstayed your welcome.

Run along and play with your globalist Davos friends.

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