OOPS: Reporter’s ‘Gotcha’ Question Over Military Gender Surgery Backfires Spectacularly (VIDEO)

Written by Wes Walker on July 14, 2023

House GOP is using their budget role to specify that military spending will not be diverted to funding costs associated with gender reassignment surgery. A reporter tried, and failed, to ‘own’ them over it.

They put on a clinic for how you handle gotcha questions on ‘radioactive’ issues from partisan reporters.

Bookmark this and use it in media training for future candidates.

The broader context is that the House GOP has hammered out — and passed — a bill to cover the NDAA, with almost no support from the Democrats.

Last minute changes to the bill were supposed to have ‘doomed’ the vital spending agreement.

For all the accusations we heard from the left that the GOP would prioritize all the wrong things and endanger the spending on keeping the military going, the GOP has proved their critics wrong.

It passed. By a single vote.

Mainly along party lines.

Democrats hated the bill because it stripped away federal funding for so much of Biden and Austin’s woke agenda, including transgender surgery and travel expenses for abortion.

With the military shrinking under Biden’s budget, while our single greatest geopolitical threat is aggressively muscling up, it made sense to identify money that was being wasted on political projects that had nothing to do with military readiness.

On the chopping block were Biden’s abortion travel spending priorities and programs prioritizing divisive ‘racial justice’ or gender issues that have been so central to the military in Joe’s first two years in office.

Not surprisingly, the same reporters that would never dream of hitting Biden with a difficult question were quick to jump on the singling out of these ‘culture war’ areas for fiscal cuts.

House GOP members hit with the question about trans surgery weren’t just ready for that ‘knuckleball’, but they knocked it right out of the ballpark.

That’s the way you do it.

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